Liberal journalist Writes Disgusting Article About Marines on Memorial Day

Look no further, we have discovered why the leftists are at such disconnect with the American people.

During the Memorial holiday when Americans celebrated true heroism, liberal media decided to produce irrelevant commotion for all to read.

Left-sided Vox settled on attacking the Marine Corps for it’s “toxic masculinity problem,” instead of using their resources and tools to honor the American men and women who gave their lives to serve our country.

The liberal website is “a personal favorite of Barack Obama with a reputation for butchering simple facts, such as the Marine Corps having a well-earned reputation for being a fraternity that often marginalizes or mistreats female troops.”

Reported by allenbwest,

Memorial Day is one of the most sacred days on the American calendar. It’s a day when we take time to reflect and honor those who’ve paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

While Memorial Day brings in the unofficial start to summer, it should also serve as a somber reminder of selfless sacrifice. Without our brave service members, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy that backyard barbecue with our families.

Since the beginning of our nation, the United States Marine Corps has been part of this time honored tradition. Marines have fought bravely for our freedoms in conflicts all over the world. Of course, many of those brave Marines have paid the ultimate price to preserve those freedoms.

However, this knowledge didn’t stop a liberal journalist from attempting to make a political statement at the expense of our Marines. In fact, this journalist used this most sacred of days to trash them in a pathetic editorial.

From the Daily Wire:

The leftist ingrates at Vox published an article that criticized the United States Marine Corps on Memorial Day, accusing the Corps of having a “toxic masculinity” problem. The article, written by Alex Ward, attempts to create the narrative that the Marines need to change their attitude and their image following the deplorable nude photo-sharing scandal.

Ward argues that in order to fix its image as a hive of “toxic masculinity,” the Marines should do more to incorporate women into combat roles. Never mind that studies have shown that women are not as qualified as men to undertake the physical burdens necessary to join the Marines. According to Ward, this change is necessary to change the image of the Marines and other military branches.

The United States Marine Corps is one of the most feared combat units in the entire world. Of course, that reputation is well earned. The Marine Corps have delivered our nation countless victories in battle, from the shores of Iwo Jima to the dusty deserts of Iraq. Far from being a haven of “toxic masculinity”, the Marines have produced some of the finest men and women to ever walk our planet.

Reducing this honorable group to the product of one scandal is an insult to those who’ve served so bravely. Doing so on a day that we honor their fallen is even worse. It’s a slap in the face to all of those who’ve served in the Marines.

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