How Liberals Deal With Terrorism Summed Up By One Cartoon

A police cordon near London Bridge was recently visited by demonstrators against extremism.

CNN was apparently held liable for using demonstrators to “create a narrative.”

A video was taken of a group of Muslims being individually positioned with signs right behind the TV crew.

CNN has denied these online claims about their news station setting up a counter-extremism demonstration.

You decide for yourself. It sure looks staged to me.

According to thefederalistpapers,

Robert Gehl reports that the major media networks just got caught staging a so-called “protest” by Muslims against this weekend’s terrorist attack in London.

In raw video, we can see the dozen or so Muslim men and women gathering around and standing on a stage in the middle of a London street holding anti-terrorism signs.

As they gather around the area, you can see several cameras, light and sound equipment and dozens of back-stage media types preparing for the photo shoot. They are directing the group of people to “tighten in” so they could all be in the shot.

It’s a staged photo shoot. There’s simply no two ways around it.

Then it was time to shoot. CNN’s Becky Anderson went off on an over-the-top monologue, calling the terrorist “stupid, absurd, losers.” They flashed to the protesters, with the camera panning to these group of people, with the pretense that they just happened to gather in the area.

But it was all staged – fake. One might call it fake news even.

And CNN wasn’t the only crew there.

British TV personality Katie Hopkins pointed out that the BBC also was on site and aired the same staged protest.

Responding to the firestorm of criticism online, CNN responded, saying that the whole thing wasn’t staged at all.

Do you buy it?

In fact, it looks like the very definition of fake news, doesn’t it?

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