Muslim Man Sues Little Caesars For $100 MILLION Over Pork Pepperoni

Currently, a Michigan Muslim man and his wife are in the mists of a massive lawsuit with the famous pizza chain everyone knows as “Little Caesars Pizza.”

The perturbed couple has decided to sue the business for $100 million after being served pork-based pepperoni on their pizza in placement of their original order “halal” pepperoni.

Halal is the appropriate replacement for pork according to the Islamic law. Mohamad Bazzi claims this was the second time Little Caesars has put false labels on their products.

The class-action lawsuit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, reports the restaurant violated a Michigan law called the “Wayne County Halal and Kosher Anti-Fraud and Truth-in-labeling ordinance.”

Additionally, the Islamic law precludes Muslims from consuming any amounts of pork, causing this to be a violation of their own religion.

“They have no regard for people’s religious beliefs,” said Moughni. “This is a violation of the Muslim faith. You can’t be handing out pork, mislabeling it as halal and get away with it. This isn’t how America operates. A billion dollar corporation can’t get away with it.”

According to thefederalistpapers,

Mohamad Bazzi, 32, says that he specially ordered halal pepperoni pizza on two occasions, and that the pizza boxes he received were labeled “halal.”

The Quran forbids the consumption of Pork for Muslims, and “Halal” means that Islamic dietary restrictions are met.

Bazzi claims that both pizzas actually did contain pork pepperoni, which he and his wife only noticed after they had already eaten much of the pizzas.

Bazzi’s first pepperoni pizza was ordered back in March, and he ate his most recently received pizza this week.

Now, he’s filed a massive lawsuit against the Dearborn Little Caesars for their failure to comply with his order and for marking the boxes “halal.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Bazzi’s wife says she knew the pepperoni was pork because she is a convert to Islam who grew up Catholic. Bazzi also has experience with pizza ingredients, he says, because he once worked at a pizza joint.

Bazzi and his unnamed wife — the converted Catholic — “became sick to their stomach” when they realized they were eating pork, the $100 million lawsuit says.

They were deeply troubled — so troubled they filed a police report after first waiting three days.

After Bazzi ordered the second halal pepperoni pizza from the Dearborn Little Caesars and allegedly received more pork pepperoni, he went back to the restaurant and spoke to the manager. He says he recorded the conversation.

Majed Moughni, the couple’s lawyer, claims that Little Caesars failed to heed Bazzi’s request due to their disregard for religious beliefs.

He says the employees seem ambivalent of what they did and that the Bazzis were “unknowingly assaulted.”

The Daily Caller continues:

“These people were unknowingly assaulted,” Moughni told The Detroit News. “None of these employees seem to care.”

[…] The four counts of the lawsuit are fraud, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment.

The defendants named in the lawsuit are Little Caesars as a corporation and also the employees of the Little Caesars location in Dearborn.

Is a mistaken pizza order worth $100 dollars if the mistake effects Islamic dietary restrictions?

10 Comments on Muslim Man Sues Little Caesars For $100 MILLION Over Pork Pepperoni

  1. If I owned Little Ceasers I would tell them to go fuck themselves , We just need to kick the sick pedophile motherfuckers out of our country…

    • Gary maccallum first off you can’t tell a customer to go fuck themselves. Second where do you get pedophile from a Muslim couple sues little Caesars for false advertising and possible food poisoning. I don’t think you would’ve said any of this had it been a white man suing a major corporation. So before you start trash talking someone for what they’re doing or what religion they follow make sure that where you’re from and what creed you follow hasn’t done anything wrong. If McDonald’s gave you food poisoning you would be suing so if you have an intelligent comment please share because “If I owned Little Ceasers I would tell them to go fuck themselves , We just need to kick the sick pedophile motherfuckers out of our country” is a very ignorant comment.. Oh and btw this isn’t your country. Remember there where people there long before Christopher Columbus “discovered” America.

      • The story stated shes a convert & knows what pork taste like so why did they keep eating 3/4 of the pizza before realizing it. Where do you think pepperoni comes from. They are doing this to get a lot of money so they can support their muslim takeover of the USA

      • Don’t get too upset at people getting angry at the constant demands of Islam or you will find you are spending an lawful lot of your time doing it. First of all everyone is annoyed and rightly so because these people are demanding $1 million dollars and that is islamodacity. They have had no loss. Their demands are never ending. Secondly no one was possibly poisoned as you state nor was it false advertising if they simply mad a mistake. Thirdly the Quran makes it very clear it is not a sin if you don’t know. In fact you are allowed to eat it for special reasons and Allah will forgive you.
        “O you who have believed, eat from the good things which We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is [indeed] Him that you worship. He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah . But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” Qur’an 2:172-173

        • We ‘ will …. spending an lawful lot of your time doing it…’?? Then the obvious solution is the eradication of this damned ideology.

  2. I agree with Sammi! If they know so much about pizza ingredients then they would’ve known something before eating as much pizza as they did! Also, 100 million is a bit steep to sue someone for no matter what! I mean, nobody died or anything! Also, it never stated they had food poisoning! I believe they were “sick to their stomach” the same way I am when I read this ridiculous story!

  3. So ridiculous that they think they can sue for that much money. First of all I would never go to their country, but can you imagine going there and sueing one of their restaurants. It would never happen. Who do they think they are. Oh I know they want to get rich.

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