Man Disguised in a Burka Allegedly Lured Boy from Mosque Before Raping, Murdering Him

Azan Majid Janjua, an 11-year-old boy, was recently raped and murdered after being taken from his mosque in Abu Dhabi while going for afternoon prayers during Ramadan.

A man disguised in a burka lured the innocent boy to his death.

His alleged killer posed as a woman to get Azan to the roof of a building because he knew the boy would not follow a man without talking to his parents.

Reported by Breitbart, a man disguised in a burka allegedly lured an 11-year-old boy from a mosque before raping and murdering him.

Azan Majid Janjua was killed after being kidnapped from the mosque he visited in Abu Dhabi for afternoon prayers two weeks ago during Ramadan, the Daily Mail reported.

“He cross-dressed as a woman because he knew that the boy would not go with a man without permission from his parents,” Major General Maktoum Al Sharifi of the Abu Dhabi Police Department said.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect with a purse getting into an elevator with a young boy.

Shortly after they reached the roof of the block of apartments, police allege the suspect raped and strangled the 11-year-old to death.

Police say they believe the suspect is a Pakistani immigrant.

Gulf News reports that air-conditioning technicians found the boy’s half-naked body with a Quran May 31 on the roof of his residence.

Azan’s father, 38-year-old Dr. Majid Janjua, said he was “shocked” when he received the news of his son’s death.

“He was fasting and he went to the mosque for Asr prayers and Quran recitation and then went missing,” Janjua said.

Police arrested the suspect 48 hours after the workers found the body. Detectives say the suspect has confessed.

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