Mom Simply Said, “Go To Bed.” Twins’ Response Caught Even Her Off Guard

If you are a parent you know having one child is a handful in itself, but imagine having double the trouble with twin boys…

Twins means you get twice the amount of fun, and double the mess and experiences.

For many parents, putting your child to bed can be quite the adventure and can get pretty frustrating at times. 

However, one mom of twins has mastered the process with this awesome mind-blowing trick. Every parent needs to watch this.

From sharetap:

For most parents, bedtime is one of those frustrating moments! However, this mom of two sweet twin boys has bedtime down pat.

Instead of squirming at the word “bedtime,” her boys handle it like a pro and run into their bedrooms. Now their routine is amazing parents around the world!

If you’ve ever tried to put a toddler down for bed, you’ll understand why so many people have watched this naptime masterpiece. It’s awfully creative and taps into these two boys’ adventurous side! According to Parents Magazine, there are several important reasons why toddlers are so hesitant when it comes to naps. The first, and most common, reason is due to the toddler’s new sense of independence.

They can pick out (silly) outfits, dress themselves and brush their teeth. They’re practically a teenager in their minds! Another reason toddlers are so against naptime is the eagerness to keep playing! Thankfully, Mom doesn’t have either of those problems when it comes to bedtime in her house!

These two adorable pint-sized athletes make naptime an adventure. They’re sure to be worn out by the time their little heads hit the mattress.

The moment Mom announces it’s bedtime, the boys go running. There’s no screaming, no tantrums and no hissy fits! Instead, the sweet boys sprint to their room and crawl up into their cribs! This is a game for them and it’s a relief for Mom!

They trundle down the hallway, through the bedroom doorway and climb up over the crib rail with impressive skills. Once in their cribs, these cuties are all smiles!

They love this adventurous routine and climbing into the cribs is like Olympics for toddlers with this mighty duo. Their adorable antics are just too cute!

Take a peek at their awesome routine for yourself in the video below. It’s clear this mom has mastered parenting done the right way! The boys have been allowed to have some control in their naptime and bedtime routine. This seems to have appealed to their nature.

The boys are going to be well-rested angels thanks to their love for bedtime! And how cute are they?!

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