WATCH: NRA’s Colion Noir Responds To Leftists Calling Him A ‘Token’

NRA News Commentator Colion Noir has responded to Democrats after the media makes unjust claims about the black community.

Colion Noir has recently released a new video commentary called “Media Fans Flames of Racism,” where he talks about the media’s deceitful claims towards the black community. In the video Noir does not hold back on how he feels and talks about racism and gun rights.

He directly calls out the socially inept morons who where stating that the NRA was just using Noir when they put him on their show. Colion Noir is responding to Democrats after the tragedies took place with active shooters, and to fight against the promotion of the anti-Second Amendment agenda by the Left. What he has to say is eyeopening!

Reported by the dailywire:

[WARNING: The Following Article Contains Strong Language]

On Monday, NRATV’s Colion Noir responded to being called derogatory names by leftists who see him as a “token” of the Right:

Throughout my life, I’ve been called a n***er, monkey, c**n, and a host of other sophomoric racial slurs by people who have the mental acuity of a doormat.

However, I never felt more offended than I did when I became an NRA commentator, and was instantly judged by [the] left-leaning media as a fake, a prop, a token, and a fabrication simply because I was black. I personally know this tactic of those unjustly calling the NRA racist in an effort to advance their anti-gun agenda. It’s called “Judgment.” The act of believing you know how someone else should live their life, and if they don’t follow it, you assassinate their character.

Let’s learn about it. When some mindless mouth-breather lobs a racial slur against me, I know it’s the result of ignorance and insecurity, and a supremely awe-inspiring level of stupidity. However, when people who are supposed to be journalists – educated and allegedly intelligent people – relegate me to nothing more than my race and not my merit, or judge my decision to be an advocate for something based solely on my race, that’s the result of a conscious superiority complex masquerading as a progressive, also known as “judgment.”

For six years, I produced video after video, and in more ways than one, [advocated] the Second Amendment. Over those six years, I built a huge following of people. I didn’t plan it. It just so happened that there were a ton of people who didn’t care about my race that agreed with me on the issue. Yet all I kept hearing from the other side was, “How can you, as a young black man, be an advocate for guns?” Never once asking the same question to my white counterparts.

The media wrote article after article attacking me, judging me, and trying to discredit my credibility and authenticity – and every single piece had the same stench of, “how can you, as a black man,” as if my personal ideologies, beliefs, and personality are a given simply because I’m black.

For a group of people who pride themselves on acceptance and progressive thoughts and ideas, [their] covert racism is at an all-time high – oops, I mean “judgment.”

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