Obama Tells Americans Their Freedom Is Over

Known for pushing ridiculous policies like the Affordable Care Act, gun control, and allowing access for refugees, Obama has always been known for his far left borderline socialist progressive beliefs.

Even for his final United Nations General Assembly speech as President, he said some pretty nasty words about the freedom in America, upsetting most of the population.

He saw it was more important to give up our freedom, so we can effectively advocate a one-world order of government and law.

This is outrageous!

America to allow Russia, China, EU and India, Iran etc. to tell us when and how we should act in the world to protect our interests, god help us!

18 Comments on Obama Tells Americans Their Freedom Is Over

  1. You give up your freedom for security you will neither get security North Freedom.
    That SNAKE obama knew that

    • Giving up your freedom to own guns is what would bring about all the rest. Those who do not have that right now are not able to to defend themselves from anyone, including their own government! That is the right we must protect at all costs!

    • His agenda was to take away American’s freedom’s and give it all to the illegal aliens. He wanted to make US a 3rd world country. The only people that he gave freedoms to, were those that were breaking our laws. He ignored our laws and now the snowflakes are upset because Trump is enforcing the laws instead of pretending they don’t exist!

  2. listening to his speeches you can tell he is a Marxist. He wants us all to be beholden to him as the leader. Well He ain’t no leader.
    We are all free thinking individuals. Following our own dreams.

  3. Fuck this nigger…. Throw his ass out to a middle east nation. He and his husband Micheal can live happy ever aft….. oh no wait….. But seriously Barry is unfit to walk the streets alone.

    • He is not a “nigger.” He shamed the black people by presenting himself as the “First Black President.” He is a Muslim first and foremost. His agenda was to split USA into pieces and he did just that.

  4. Obama is over. Way over. Hopefully will never hear from him again. He would like nothing better than a globalist world with him at the head of it.

    Nope, we are too through with him. He has brought enough harm to America.

  5. What’s wrong with you Barry?
    Please go back to where ever you were born (if you can find the same rock) and shut up. Can’t believe Americans were stupid enough to elect you twice.

  6. Give up your freedom to own arms and you will quickly usher in the new order and all that goes with it! That’s the one thing standing between the loss of freedoms and keeping them.

  7. Men like him never give up. Just because he is no longer in office, doesn’t mean that he is no longer a threat. He has time, and privacy on his side now.

  8. He best get off the face of earth . He’s in Italy going around like he’s the President. No they’re is a man named Donald Trump that’s the U.S. President. Trolling behind the President. He better back off.

  9. Obama’s true colors once a Muslim always a Muslim, he should be tried for treason! Never liked him one bit actually hate his guts! He is a total fake he pulled the biggest con over Americans!!!

  10. Obama and that thing called Michelle are the worst human beings to ever run the White House…Please go away because no one cares what you think you traitor…

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