Barack Obama Jets to Milan to Deliver Climate Change Speech

Donald Trump swept into the White House on a huge mountain of promises he was aimed at fulfilling for America to renew our prosperity and strength as a nation.

From day one, he has kept his followers trust who believed in his hard work as a successful american business man. Now more than ever we need President Trump to keep this one promise, withdrawing the US from the “Paris Agreement on climate change.”

We, as a nation, depend on affordable and dependable energy for our everyday functioning. As a society we need this dependable energy source for survival. Staying in accord with this agreement threatens the very foundation of our power in America.

According to breitbart,

Former President Barack Obama jetted to Milan, Italy on Monday for a speech about climate change.

After the ex-president enjoyed his flight to the famous Italian city, he hopped in an SUV in a 14 car convoy direct to his hotel, according to the Daily Mail. 

Obama is delivering the keynote speech on climate change at ‘Seeds and Chips – The Global Food Innovation Summit’ and will host a panel with his former White House chef Sam Kass.

The president will likely urge the United States to remain in the Paris Climate agreement, a key part of his presidential legacy on the subject.

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