Rep. Paul Gosar: I’m Happy to Be Chastised by Nancy Pelosi for Upholding the Rule of Law

In a collaboration with Breitbart News, Republican representative Paul Gosar has penned an article that lets Nancy Pelosi know how real politicians respond to their duty to uphold the law.

Paul Gosar

During a recent press conference Rep. Paul Gosar made the request for enforcement of federal laws to which liberal congresswoman Nancy Pelosi responded with claims of indecent reaching. Gosar took to the web in order to properly express his opinion since clearly Pelosi is in need of a little reeducation when it comes to the definition of decency.

Via Breitbart:

Today we have men who say they are really women. We have multi-millionaire athletes complaining about how bad our country is. We have school teachers claiming our military is made up of low IQ bad people.

So it makes sense in a world of indecency and hypocrisy that my request to enforce the law is “indecent.” It makes sense that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Jeff Flake work harder for non-citizens then citizens and taxpayers. It makes sense that, pointing out that a country with no borders is not a country, makes me an “indecent” xenophobe.

I’ll continue to fight for our nation. Our borders. Our security. I’ll stand with the taxpayers and those who honor our laws. I’ll happily be chastised by the immoral leftists who despise our great nation and our laws.

What is truly indecent is an open violation of our laws in the sanctity of our nation’s Capitol. Corruption and poverty follows where the Rule of Law is ignored. I will oppose the ongoing violation of our values as long as I can. I believe in an America that values lawful behavior and welcomes immigrants with talent, and a burning desire to make our country great.

Liberals like to hear themselves talk but they aren’t actually saying anything. As an elected politician laws are for you to uphold based on what the people have expressed a desire to see happen. Do your job Nancy or step aside so somebody competent can.

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