OUCH: Pawn Star Rick Harrison Comes Forward, Absolutely Destroys Barack Obama’s Legacy

Pawn Star Rick Harrison has never been overly political. The hardworking reality TV star likes to play his cards close to his chest. But now Harrison has broken his silence about former President Barack Obama, as World Politicus is reporting.

And Harrison doesn’t have good things to say about Obama, not at all.

Harrison owns Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and he’s a popular TV star. He works hard to put food on his family’s table and according to him Obama made that much harder. According to Harrison, the hypocrite Obama made it “literally a nightmare” to run a small business.

“The effect of the eight years of Obama is finally showing up.” Harrison said, criticizing the mainstream media for its malicious attacks on President Trump.

If you believe the fake news media, Obama was a “bipartisan” hero who did an amazing job as President. However, Harrison has a reality check for anyone who believes that.

“We had .7 GDP [growth]…in the last quarter, and if you figure GDP the way we did four years ago, that would be negative growth. Four years ago…they decided all research and development [suddenly] goes into the plus column instead of the expense column and…it was a way the administration actually boosted up GDP,” Harrison explained.

In other words, Obama’s folks cooked the books. They lied to make the economy seem better than it was and now the impact is hitting.

Harrison wants Trump to get rid of Obamacare and keep doing the great things he is doing cutting regulations and working to lower taxes.

What do you think about Harrison’s comments? Is he on the money or is he just trying to pawn off economic problems on President Obama?

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  1. I agree with everything Harrison said. You could see with your own eyes and your wallet that the books were “cooked.” The created jobs numbers were really laughable. Everyone you talked to only had part-time jobs. I live in Las Vegas also and our tourism is what keeps this town going but there are not many jobs in that industry that are full time. The regulations on small businesses keep them from growing and Obamacare keeps the large businesses from hiring full time employees. It seems to me that Obamacare is hurting more than it is helping anyone.

        • Yep. Obama created an environment ripe for corruption. He lowered the “bullshit bar” by pulling off such brazen, in-your-face lies and scams and then simply denying it, doubling and trippling down, that nobody could believe any president could possibly be guilty of such corruption. He proved that what all politicians thought was the lowest point you could possibly put the BS Bar and get away with it was nothing more than an illusion. He proved that you could lower it all the way down to the ground, because Americans are so effing stupid, they will believe literally anything. First, R pols thought it was crazy and called him out repeatedly for it. But when it became clear, about a year in, that everyone was actually buying all of his unbelievably absurd BS hook, line, & sinker, they realized that it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this newly realized low. Why call him out on things when they could instead invest their time and efforts in BSing the public to their advantage, just like the D pols were doing. That’s when the Rs finally sank to the very bottom of the murky swamp along with the Ds and Obama. And 8 years of that gravy train of obscene corruption is precisely why The Swamp is so entrenched and invested in maintaining the status quo. That is precisely why President Trump is being attacked like he is – Because their gravy train of corruption they’ve all invested their political careers in over the past decade is under threat of being dismantled, and they won’t go down without a scorched Earth fight.

      • Yes this is so true! Hopefully President Trump can drain that swamp completely.And go after that horrible George Soros too. That’s the root of all the evil! Kill the root and the plant, limbs & leaves will fall too!

      • So why has the people kept them in office for so many years. We have elections every two years and they should know who should be sent home. Congress is working only foe themselves and the industries that are giving them millions in campaign money.

        When was it determined congress was to represent the industries. I’ve always thought they were elected by the people to represent the people. After all, there was no industries when this nation was created.

        • Seniority in Congress is a big thing. The more time you have spent there will get you better positions on commtees. This is the reason the people keep viting in these crooks eho rob the public.. O say try Obama for treason and throw out all of congress. Take away the time served advantages and then maybe we could get a Congress that would actually serve UThe People.

    • All the manipulation and lies to get in office as the first black President BS! His mother was white so that makes him a half breed, even he wrote about in his book. The movie “BARRY” Ashley Judd played his mother. He was a ONE term Senator from Chicago look at the crimes out of control there. His second term in office was voter FRAUD to stay in, elected officials knew it however it would have caused a racist riot so they hide it. Obama was the divider and thief they were broke when they moved in the White House and everyone of them including Michelle’s mother left millionaires. HOW? They closed all the White House tours to keep the media and celebrity parties in secret, spent over 100 million on entertaining them. Now they have Hollywood elite bashers toward Trump their own little army, washed up broke untalented celebrities. What happened to all the world leaders Obama was suppose to communicate with? He just sent cash Trillions of it and opened our borders to illegals and refugees. We have NO idea where or when the terrorists will kill Americans’ Obama sold guns to the drug cartels and let MS-13 in like it was NO limits. His birth certificate should have been certified prior to allowing him to run for President, he made America look like a bunch of IGNORANT MORONS he wasn’t a American citizen according to two different forgery certifiers. He was taking pay offs from anyone he could make a deal with even Obamacare he got 1.5 million to get it passed. When is he going to realize he was the worst President in American history, just GO AWAY.

      • thank you god for not letting me be the only one who sees and feels this way. hey im not. the rest of the usa woke up a little too late.

      • Facts are facts. Our government aided and abetted him to usurp that office. How? According to his book “Dreams from My Father”, his father was identified as a British subject which made him a British subject at birth. Unless an amendment was made before the 2008 election giving natural born citizen of the USA status, he probably isn’t even a citizen of the USA.

        The last citizenship he has claimed is Indonesian.

  2. Obama set Back race relations by at least 50 years, too. Everything we are seeing today as disrespectful movement was started in the Obama administration.

    • Oh Karen you are so right. He also started this bombardment of our police officers. He is a Traitor to our country and a terrible example to our black children. He encouraged these riots and violent protesters. He should be arrested, His brother just produced Obama’s
      real birth certificate and if that is proven true Obama was a fake President6 and anything he signed
      or any bill he passed will be null and void.

  3. Rick as your business deopends on vakyations and gift bod being able to sum up and place a value on thing, YOU ARE SPOT ON IN YOUR VALUATION AND ACCURACY REGARDING THE EX MONKEY MAN SO CALLED PRESIDENT> He is a traitor He took the country and its residents to the cleaners kept a lot for himself his trannie wife and rented kids and supported the Muslim Brotherhood. It will take a man like Donald Trump and his patriotic fervour and love of his country and its people to PUT THINGS RIGHT.He is a truly remarkable man to pick up the gauntlet and take this mammoth task on. God Bless you Rick, God bless America and God Bless President TRUMP and give him continued health and strength.

  4. I agree with Rick Harrison totally, he Obama, did more harm to this country then good, so much money went into his pocket he’s a thief, and money that was taken should be returned, and Obama in jail.

  5. Our great country is so blessed that killery clinton wasn’t elected president it would have been 8 more years of destruction and most probably the end of America as we knew it!! I say thank you Lord for saving our great nation!!

  6. What gets me is the people voted him in twice. All the while he was destroying American through lose of jobs,Obama care,hailing pallets of money and jewels to our enemies,and on top of that he’s Muslim.

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