GOOD LORD! Mike Pence Did What No Vice President Has EVER Done Before

Mike Pence, the 50th governor of Indiana, took the oath of office to become Donald Trump’s vice president.

Pence has long been known for his approach to governing, which is informed not by party, but by his faith and his love of the Constitution.

In addition to his faith, his views on governance were strongly influenced by Russell Kirk, a fountainhead of modern conservative thought, who wrote “The Conservative Mind.”

“The conservative is animated by the principle of driving toward the ideal of solutions that are grounded in economic freedom and individual liberty, but also understanding that compromise is part of the conservative approach to governance,” Pence told IndyStar in a 2015 interview, referring to Kirk’s philosophy.

“I don’t believe in compromising principles, but I do believe in finding a way forward on the basis of authentic common ground.”

Reported by LW,

Vice President Mike Pence has been visiting Colorado Springs today for the first time since the election.

He arrived at 10 am in the morning at the Peterson Air Force Base.

He immediately gave an inspiring speech.

Watch that below.

At 3:00 pm Mike Pence toured the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, according to KOAA. Here is him getting the police reception.

This is a vice President folks. God bless Mr. Pence.

After the event, Mike Pence did something absolutely historic. Check this out.

Mike Pence is a Vice President that cares about America. Like a chiropractor cracking a bad back, Mike Pence knows what it takes to get the backbone of our country back in shape.

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How frickin’ cool is it that Mike Pence is the first to issue a command to a GPS satellite.

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