PIERS MORGAN Destroys London Mayor In Savage TV Interview: “Would you endorse a flying black baby of Obama in a nappy?”

Liberals from every corner of the planet have been coming together and doing their best to try and humiliate President Trump.

Piers Morgan, 53, went on television recently and hammered the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, 47, over rising knife crime in the capital.

He also grilled the politician for allowing the giant Donald Trump blimp which will fly over London’s Parliament this week.

Piers Morgan usually has a very left-winged viewed on policy and social issues.

But when it comes to fighting for critics of Donald Trump about their blatant hypocrisy, it seems Morgan is all in.

To say the least, Morgan is not pleased with London’s first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan right now.

The host of the Good Morning Britain show made sure to show how upset he is with the mayor’s decision to permit a huge baby blimp of President Trump soar over the city during his trip to London with his daughter Melania.


According to 100percentfedup:

Sadiq Khan has defended his approval of a giant ‘baby Trump’ blimp which will fly above London during a visit by the US President.

The Mayor has come under fire after his Greater London Authority approved plans by protesters to fly the balloon in the center of London during a demonstration against Mr. Trump’s visit.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan today challenged Mr. Khan over the issue, suggesting he had approved it because of personal animosity towards Mr. Trump.

Mr. Khan insisted there is freedom of speech and freedom to protest in the UK and he could not act as a ‘censor’.

He said: ‘My views are irrelevant. The issue is ‘Do they have freedom to protest, freedom to assemble and should they be allowed to do so? If it’s peaceful and it’s safe they should.’

Morgan asked the mayor if he would have endorsed a giant black baby blimp of Barack Obama in protest during his presidency, or an image depicting Mr. Khan as a pig despite that being offensive to Muslims. –Daily Mail

That wasn’t the first time the liberal host blasted Mayor Khan for his hypocritical or even deceitful behavior.

Watch Piers Morgan hold the Mayor’s feet to the fire on Muslim terrorists creating crime and acts of terror against British citizens and their troops:

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