PRAISE JESUS! Judge Jeanine Pirro To Replace Megyn Kelly On Fox News

It has been a challenging year for Megyn Kelly. She has quickly lost the support of Fox News fans in her many desperate attempts to appeal to the mainstream media.

Her troubles began when she targeted Donald Trump during the Republican presidential debates. She has spent the majority of her air time since then trying to derail his campaign, but her efforts clearly failed.

Now, rumors are circulating that Fox News plans to fire Kelly and replace her with Judge Jeanine Pirro. The network is not willing to let her ratings drop further than they already have, especially after her recent altercation with New Gingrich.


Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Is Fox News making the right move in getting rid of Fox?


34 Comments on PRAISE JESUS! Judge Jeanine Pirro To Replace Megyn Kelly On Fox News

  1. Praise the Lord is right….the sooner the better…get that closet liberal off my tv screen…her ratings must be in the tank by now…TAKE HER OFF…and replace her with a woman of intelligence, dignity, and values…unlike this bimbo.

  2. WE THE not want to ever see Kelly..traitor, people pleasur, ignorant ho. YOU’RE FIRED… It will happen as ratings drop..we wont watch u ever n nobody whats your trashy book, we cant stand listening to your bs on tv, sure dlnt want to read it. Has been..did it yourself.

    • As she continues her downward slide, NBC will only be a brief stint. She will tank miserably and the higher ups will be forced to cut their losses and find a time slot at the bottom on the toilet bowl at PMSNBC. She will be a very rich nobody.

  3. No no no please no Jeanine Pirro her Hannity Eric Bolling Kimberly Guilfoyle yelling about Trump no no no can’t take her Kelly still good she Sharp

    • Where have you been, Robin? Kelly is NOT good and is losing viewers. If you need so badly to have Trump bashed and Clintons whitewashed, go to MSNBC.

  4. you could replace Megyn Kelly with reruns of the Three Stooges and get more accurate stories. Send that egotistical woman down the road/

  5. Get rid of Mahan kelly, I shopped watching her when election was over because I didn’t like the things she was saying about Trump. I would love to see Judge Pirro in her place. Trump won the election have some respect!!

  6. Stopped watching her a long time ago! As they say she got too big for her britches!
    Pretty, yes.
    Smart yes.
    However, not worthy news coverage!
    Bye, Megan!

  7. Cant happen soon enough! Love Judge Pirro, Megan was a flip flopper, i hate that. Like a person who is straight forward and confidat.

  8. Sad that you have no up to date news and are so lazy that you resort to using old outdated events to keep your name out there.

  9. I hope they do replace Megan Kelly! I have been enjoying the show since she has not been on during the holidays. When I see her I instantly change the channel. I can not stand a liberal that attempts to act as though she is conservative! When she showed her butt with Trump, I stopped watching her show. But later I heard Gangrich was on so I watched her show to see what he had to say. Next thing I know she is being very disrespectful to him. I have not watched her show with her on it since. Get rid of the incompetent journalist Kelly and let her be The crummy lawyer she once was before.

  10. I agree, Haven’t watched and will not watch since Gingrich was on. She is a poor excuse for a journalist!! On a conservative network( mostly) showing downright disrespect for Gingrich…. she should definitely be HISTORY!!!!

  11. I hope they do replace Megan Kelly but not with Judge Jeanine. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problems with Judge Jeanine it’s just she already has her own show. If Fox is going to replace Megan Kelly they need to look outside there own Network and find someone that will light a fire under people butts and draw in more viewers someone who has more heart for this country and what it truly stands for. Someone that doesn’t mind speaking there mind and telling it like it is. If Fox is truly going to Fire Megan Kelly or replace her then I think Fox should replace her with non other than Tomi Lahren I happen to like this young lady and I truly believe she would be perfect fit and be a great asset for the Fox Network because she represents what WE AS TRUE AMERICANS BELIEVE IN NUFF SAID

    • It’s official Megan Kelly is gone to NBC Friday’s her last show with Fox I could care less ,.I Think they should move Sean Hennity to her time spot then put someone else in his spot ,We quit watching Megan awhile after the debat when Megan showed her rear ,Then what she did to Newt was the final straw for us ,But we set the DVR for Hennity to watch next day so if they moved his time slot to 9:00 that would be good.

  12. I don’t think many of her conservative viewer base will follow her to NBC. I was a fan until she became a devoted Narcissist and a pathological egoist after being flattered by Trump haters following her rude attack in him during the debate! She appears to be drunk on the lucre tendered by ratings-deficient NBC and her own reflection in the eyes of leftist zealots!


  14. I was trying very hard to find responses in all of these attacks that didn’t contain typos, grammatical errors, and just plain incoherency. I mean, come on people, most of you didn’t even spell the woman’s name correctly! Sadly, most of you turned against her when she put his royal orangeness on the spot for his blatant misogyny. I only watched FOX for O’Reilly and Megyn, since they were the only ones who showed even the remotest semblance of balance. Pirro needs to go back to discussing legal issues; she’s nothing but a hack when it comes to politics. Oh, and if anyone intends to attack me, please use spellcheck and write coherently.

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