President Trump Overrules Advisers In Quebec, Fires Shot That Will Remake The World (Video)

For the last two years President Trump has been working hard to pull this nation back together and get us on the right track again.

Now everything he has worked so hard for has come as the future is finally here. President Trump has proclaimed a victory in Quebec as he just fired a shot that will help the world for the better. Here is what he said: “The level of relationship is a ten, we have a great relationship…And I don’t blame them, I blame our past leaders for allowing this to happen. There no reason we should have big trade deficits with every country in the world.”

Then President Trump continued with blaming the people who preceded him. Not just former President Barack Obama, but for over 50 years there has been corruption behind the scenes causing our nation to fall in a downward spiral of debt and lost opportunities. Praise God Trump has noticed this pattern and is working towards helping America. 

Reported by subjectpolitics:

We used to be a nation that was unbelievably cash flow positive oriented…Had no debt.

I don’t blame these people… but I will if they don’t act smart and do what they need to do…because they have no choice.

They are either gonna make trade fair…our farmers have been hurt our workers have been hurt our companies have moved out to Mexico…

We are gonna fix that situation and if it’s not fixed we aren’t gonna deal with these countries…

The EU is brutal to us, they know they are smiling…the jig is up, there is nothing they can say, they can’t believe they got away with it…”

Trump then took some questions from the press and when A CNN reporter tried to question the new world order asking:

“As you were heading into these G7 talks there was a sense that America’s close allies were frustrated with you and angry with you and that you were angry with them and that you were leaving here early to go meet for more friendlier talks with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. I was wondering if you would view it the same way? And do you view the U.S. alliance system shifting under your presidency?”

Trump shut him down with his brilliant response:

“Who are you with…”


“I figured, fake news CNN…the worst.”

“I could tell by the qu [sic] – I had no idea you were CNN, after the question I was just curious as to who you’re with, you’re with CNN,” the president said.

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  1. It has been done on purpose to destroy this country over time is the reason. It was no overlooked, but pursued to deficit.

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