President Trump Reacts to Kathy Griffin ‘Beheading’ Photo, Reveals How It’s Impacted His Son, Barron

After much resistance and backlash Kathy Griffin gave a formal apology over a disturbing photoshoot where she decisively degraded the President of the United States.

She bluntly revealed a disturbing picture in which she held a bloody head portraying Donald Trump.

Initially reported by TMZ, the photoshoot has Griffin holding what looks like President Trump’s head, which is also covered in lots of fake blood.

In the video below, Griffin says she and Tyler Shields, the photographer, are “not afraid to do images that make noise.”

Griffin also jokes about how they will have to move to Mexico in order to avoid prison and because “we’re not surviving this.”

People on social media were not impressed.

According to ijr,

President Trump became the subject of a hostile photo shoot that had him “beheaded” in bloody effigy and his severed head held up by Kathy Griffin.

After the ensuing outrage over the photo, which Griffin originally defended as “art,” she apologized for doing it.

Nevertheless, the damage was done. The president put in real, human terms how such a photo impacted the president’s children.

One would imagine that there would be a consensus that this was a “tasteless” act. Sadly, that isn’t the case.

The shocking photoshoot was actually defended:

This is once again a case when the left’s vitriol and contempt for President Trump hold him to a double standard that would never be applied to former Democratic presidents.

It’s one thing when political disagreement leads to heated rhetoric, but quite another when Americans begin dehumanizing one another. As Jimmy Fallon tellingly put it after recently getting blowback for his genial interview with Donald Trump, “I didn’t do it to humanize him.”

Unfortunately, not only are the families of their enemies caught up in the collateral damage, the nation becomes a worse place for forging mutual understanding and a hostile environment for all of our children.

3 Comments on President Trump Reacts to Kathy Griffin ‘Beheading’ Photo, Reveals How It’s Impacted His Son, Barron

  1. This is shameful, tasteless, misguided, intentionally misinformed liberal hypocrisy at its best. I am embarrassed of the party & for the party, heck even for America as a whole, to harm “our” POTUS this way is despicable. At the same time, President Trump has shown constant grace under fire. A man who has the hardest job in the world being bothered by his own people. This just reinforces that the right person is “our” President and Trump vote was the right one. Could you imagine what would have happened if Trump didn’t win? & people who think it is ok to treat “our” President this way, we’re I. The Whitehouse? Thanking God Trump is President

    • You said it all. I know it was intentional, there is no doubt. She was neverTAUGHT respect. She got her Karma. Never thought this over well did she. It will hurt her pocketbook.

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