Trinity Professor calls White People “inhuman a**holes,” College offers SHOCKING response

A Trinity College professor in Connecticut has created a firestorm on social media after calling white people “inhuman-a-holes.”

He believes white people need to die because of the shooting attack on congressional Republicans last week.

Trinity College’s Johnny Eric Williams’ social media feed after the June 14 shooting of Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise included racial tirades and commentary calling on minorities to “confront” white people and “end this now,” a reference to an alleged system of “white supremacy.”

According to allenbwest,

Here’s a hashtag you don’t see every day:

Yes, this sentiment was posted by yet another inclusive college professor, this one at Trinity College in Connecticut.

U.S Representative Steve Scalise nearly lost his life and others were severely wounded when a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on them last week at a baseball practice. It was an act one would think all Americans could join in condemning but to think that would be in error and to underestimate the tolerant left.

However, as Campus Reform reports, “Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams appeared to endorse the idea that first responders to last week’s congressional shooting should have let the victims “f*****g die” because they are white.”

“After sharing a post to an article unambiguously titled, “Let Them F*****g Die,” Williams labelled white people “inhuman assholes” and declared it time to “end this now.”

According to the article:

“Two days prior, Williams had shared a Medium article titled “Let Them F**king Die” in which the anonymous author suggests that “bigots,” such as those numbered among the victims of the congressional shooting, should be left for dead.

“What does it mean, in general, when victims of bigotry save the lives of bigots?” the author begins by asking, later saying that his black peers “imagine…that by becoming a shining example of this ‘righteous’ behavior, we might, somehow, guide these cannibals into becoming upright beings capable of following the very rules they enforce upon us.”

The author goes on to offer a litany of life-ending situations the aforementioned “bigots” could find themselves in, advising his readers to “do nothing” in the way of helping.

“If you see them drowning. If you see them in a burning building. If they are bleeding out in an emergency room. If the ground is crumbling beneath them. If they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other: do nothing,” the article instructs readers.

“Least of all put your life on the line for theirs, and do not dare think doing so, putting your life on the line for theirs, gives you reason to feel celestial. Save the life of those that would kill you is the opposite of virtuous. Let. Them. Fucking. Die. And smile a bit when you do,” the author concludes, in a post that was later shared by Williams.”

Even after the posts appeared, according to the Washington Times, “Trinity College offered no statement regarding the professor’s action. Instead, the Hartford institution reiterated its right on Facebook to “remove comments that are deemed inappropriate, profane, defamatory, or disrespectful to users of the page and/or members of the greater Trinity College community.”

But apparently Williams’ comments didn’t meet that hurdle.

That’s “Trinity” College folks.  As in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  These are the people charged with shaping the minds and thoughts of our sons and daughters. As a result of this, which is more likely, that Williams gets fired or promoted? On its website Trinity proudly proclaims, “Even with all our innovative offerings, our faculty remain the most important aspect of our academic curriculum.”

Our university system, summed up on one case-in-point?

4 Comments on Trinity Professor calls White People “inhuman a**holes,” College offers SHOCKING response

  1. Conservatives are afraid to confront the anarchists and racists that permeate the liberal indoctrination centers that were once considered institutes of higher education.

  2. It’s obvious who the true bigot is and as long as there are people such as Williams, Sharpton and Jackson there will be a racists society. Trinity College should be ashamed to have such a person on their staff.

  3. When a school claims to be a Christian one they should follow the guidelines of the 10 Commandments given to us by GOD! No professor should be teaching in a Christian school with this degree of HATRED! Very sad

  4. Apparently this is another institution using Christianity as its lure but failing to actually follow the teachings of their religion. I should not be so surprised when we see the stories of the current Pope’s statements. Look at the Liberal progressive agenda of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the utterances from professors at Georgetown University and you see a lessoning of what many Christians were taught. Homosexual marriage is legitimate Abortion is a matter of your personal conscience. Divorce is something that happens. I like the strictness of the religion I grew up with. It at least let me know when I did something wrong and I felt shame. Nowadays their is no blame and thus no shame for one’s behavior. Defining deviancy down has been notched one step lower by todays Liberal society.

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