Vermont boy reels in record-breaking carp

Unlike the beautiful trout fish, carp are very unattractive, slimy, and feed below the surface of dirty waters.

Many people know the common carp as a “trash fish.” 

However, what people don’t know is these fish are actually difficult to hook, as they fight with power and aggression. These very qualities earned it the name “freshwater bonefish.”

Fishers have discovered two types of known carp. The mirror carp with much larger scales, and the leather carp, which hardly have no scales. 

According to foxnews,

A 10-year-old who reeled in a giant carp says he knew it was a record contender before he ever got it ashore.

Chase Stokes’ fish did indeed set a state record in Vermont. It weighed in at 33.25 pounds.

The Rutland Herald reports the carp was weighed at a bait and tackle shop in New York in April. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department made the record official last month. The fish was a quarter-pound bigger than the previous record holder.

Stokes, now 11, said he likes fish for carp because they’re “hard to find.”

Shawn Good from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department called the boy a “fishing maniac.” He said Stokes has landed the most trophy fish in Vermont’s Master Angler Program.

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