Undercover Video Catches Democrat Laying Out Plan For Full-Scale Gun Confiscation

The hypocrisy and deceit from Democrats is unbelievable to say the least. 

But despite giving the left the benefit of the doubt, a Democratic Congressional candidate was just caught live admitting in a video something we already knew was true. 

It’s funny how politicians will try to make everyone happy and tell us what we want to hear.

But it is very unlikely for a politician to tell the truth straight to your face, especially when it has to do with the Second Amendment and Democrats.

Tedra Cobb, the Democratic candidate in New York’s 21st Congressional District, just explained to a group of teen supporters that she supports a ban on firearms.

However, Cobb will not admit how she feels in public for fear of losing her election.

Sounds like a typical Democrat. 

Reported by greatamericanrepublic:

Democrat Tedra Cobb (running in NY’s 21st Congressional District, trying to unseat Elise Stefanik) is deceiving voters by not publicly saying she supports a ban on certain firearms when she actually does and would likely advocate for such if elected. ~ Nick Short

As Written and Reported By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

If I say that in public I’ll lose the election…

There’s nothing quite like a good candid camera moment to spice up an otherwise boring congressional campaign. One of these tidbits popped up in New York’s 21st Congressional District this week where Democrat Tedra Cobb is attempting to challenge Republican representative Elise Stefanik. As we’ve discussed here in the past, Stefanik is the youngest woman ever elected to the United States Congress and remains quite popular in her district.

Cobb was talking to a group of young, liberal enthusiasts at a campaign event recently when one of them pushed her on the subject of a ban on “assault weapons” and asked whether she would support such legislation. Cobb was unusually candid in describing the conversation but was unfortunately caught on video being just a bit too honest. (Free Beacon)

Tedra Cobb, the Democratic candidate in New York’s 21st Congressional District, told a group of teenage supporters that she supports a ban on certain firearms but won’t say so publicly for fear of losing her election.

“When I was at this thing today, it was the first table I was at, a woman said, ‘How do you feel about assault rifles?’ And I said they should be banned,” Cobb can be heard saying in the video recorded by one of the attendees. “And I said, you know, people were getting up to go, to go get their lunch because it was a buffet, and I just said to her, I want you ……..


Candidate says in public what she’s not allowed to say in public

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