Report Indicates That $12.7 Trillion Is Needed To Meet Paris Climate Accord’s Goal

This is how much sense the Paris climate control treaty DOESN’T make… President Trump made the right choice for America.

Everyone wants to blow up like America pulling out of the climate control treaty with Paris is armageddon for the entire world. Gasp! Calm down people… It really isn’t that serious. Actually, America not taking part in that 12.7 TRILLION dollar treaty is a good thing. President Trump just saved America a ton of money! That’s reason to celebrate!

From The Daily Caller:

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is out with a new long-term energy outlook report, this time projecting a total of $12.7 trillion to keep projected global warming below 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century — a goal of the Paris accord.

BNEF projects $7.4 trillion will be invested in new green energy capacity by 2040, and that global carbon dioxide emissions will be 4 percent lower in that year than in 2016.

But that’s not enough to keep projected warming below 2 degrees, the report warns.

Hahaha! I’m sorry, but the outrage of liberals just looks so ridiculous after you actually read the facts. You people wanted to spend TRILLIONS of dollars that America doesn’t even have to POSSIBLY lower the “warming” by TWO degrees!? Hahaha! Come on people! Seriously??

These people can’t even tell us where a hurricane/tropical storm will make landfall in the next 5-7 days but they are positive to the point of spending TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of dollars to tell us what the weather will be like in 100 years?! You can’t be that stupid, can you??

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