Reporter Asked Trump if He’s Being Outsmarted by Kim Jong Un, What He Said Next Left The Room in Silence

On Tuesday President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un signed a document that the United States would give unspecified “security guarantees” in exchange for complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Both leaders signed copies of the documents, one in English and the other in Korean. The signing of the document was the concluding part of their summit in Singapore, the first ever meeting between North Korea and the U.S. President Trump has made history by convincing the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un to sign the agreement to rid all nuclear weapons.

For nearly an hour President Trump answered countless questions from the reporters at the summit. Trump blew the reporters out to the water with his response to their questions. This is exactly the type of leader our nation needs!

 According to subjectpolitics:

Leave it up to the mainstream media to try and devalue Pres. Trump’s historic accomplishment. Things got pretty heated as Pres. Trump was repeatedly asked if he is being outsmarted by North Korea. His response was epic.

These 2 reporters asked the EXACT same question on why Trump thinks his deal will hold up, if previous Presidents couldn’t even get a deal done.

Pres. Trump’s brutal response left the room full of reporters in silence as he laid out exactly why he’s different from his predecessors.

“You have a different Administration. You have a different President.”

“We get it done… The other groups, maybe it wasn’t a priority. I don’t think they could’ve done it if it was a priority, frankly. And it would’ve been easier back then. For me, it would’ve been much easier if it were 5 years ago, 10 years ago. This goes back… for 25 years this should’ve happened.”

Pres. Trump also gave the reporter a lesson in deal-making, pointing out that this is something he’s done all his life, and is better than anyone else at it.

He told her that with his decades of experience, he knows when someone really wants to make a deal, and when they don’t.

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  1. I’m beginning to think there are no more intelligent news people left. The bunch you hear now days sound like they quit school in the 8th grade and never really learned anything even to that point. They make one stupid statement after another and ask one stupid question after another. Their disdain for our President is shameful and the whole lot of them need to be fired.

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