Republicans Are So Unpopular, They Control More Politically Than They Ever Have in American History

In the 1960s the Republicans dominated the norther states and underwent a great expansion of federal power.

They helped fund the transcontinental railroad, the university system and settlement of the West, started a national currency and protective tariff.

At the time, Democrats dominated the South lands and opposed all the Republicans were for. Shortly after the Civil War, the Republican side passed many laws in order to protect African Americans and speed up social justice, and Democrats again went against these new ways of living.

Doesn’t it sound like an alternate universe compared to todays politics?

From ijr,

Polls are fickle, facts are not.

The art of polling revealed its gutted, rusty machinery in 2016 when the most prestigious pollster companies in the world predicted embarrassingly wrong landslides for Hillary Clinton across the board. The machinery of polling was so broken that it led to predictions such as these:

Washington Post, October 2016:


When the reality looked far more like this:


Ryne Rohla/Decision Desk HQ

It’s important to note that polls are still useful for gauging public opinion trends, but in today’s outlier political environment, they should be viewed with a critical eye.

In Trump’s first six months as president, he has certainly suffered from his fair share of dramatic, poor polling. With regularity, pollsters show that he is unpopular and that Republican party as a whole is deeply unpopular.

However, the flip side of that coin is that the American public, depending on the poll you read, has just as poor of a view of the Democratic Party. Gallup indicates that the Democrats are purely seen as an anti-Trump party, defending the status quo, and out of touch with regular Americans.

Partisans can twist the polling witchcraft in any direction that they want their narrative to go; however, there are things that are absolutely unmoving: Facts.

So here are set of facts to remind yourself of every time a poll says that Republicans are “historically unpopular“:

The GOP controls more governorships than it ever has in history:


According to the Republican Governors Association (RGA):

With West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice joining the GOP, Republicans now hold 34 governorships – the highest number for the GOP in U.S. history!

The GOP controls more ‘trifectas’ than it ever has before:

According to the Washington Post:

Justice will be the 34th Republican governor, tying an all-time high for the party. Republicans now control both the governor’s mansions and state legislatures in 26 states. Democrats have total control in just six states. (In 2018, they’ll have a chance to pick up governorships, with Republicans defending 27 of 38 seats, many in blue or purple states.)

Here are the Democrat trifectas:

According to the Washington Post:

It’s not immediately clear why Justice is doing an about-face. But the fact he is underscores just how fragile Democrats’ hold on power is. With one politician’s decision to switch parties, Democrats now hold a record-low number of governorships — and Republicans hold a record high.

Nearly 50% of all Americans live in a state with complete GOP control:

Combine the above with the fact that the GOP, on a national level, controls more in Washington than it has since the Great Depression:

Jim Lo Scalzo/AFP/Getty Images

According to Politico:

Since last week, many Republicans have been feeling singularly nostalgic for November 1928, and with good reason. It’s the last time that the party won such commanding majorities in the House of Representatives while also dominating the Senate. And, let’s face it, 1928 was a good time.

Add that to a very tough 2018 for Democrats on the horizon, you start to get the facts.

Facts can also change, it’s just important to know them.

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