Right After Trump Supporter Was VICIOUSLY Assaulted For MAGA Hat, Something MIRACULOUS Happened

Faith has been restored in humanity after a Trump supporter was viciously attacked for wearing his MAGA hat.

26-year-old Jovanni Valle was wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat in a Manhattan bar after attending the book party for Milo Yiannopoulous’ new book “Dangerous.” It fell off of his head while he was dancing and that’s when the assault started.

From Liberty Writers:

He said he was attacked after his MAGA hat fell off while he was dancing at the bar. A woman, Emma Rodriguez, then “repeatedly” stepped on his hat until he said ‘That’s enough, what are you doing?’ to which she replied ‘I hate this hat, I hate you.”

After Valle placed his hand on the woman’s shoulder, Rodriguez’s boyfriend, Leonardo Heinert, started to “repeatedly punch” Valle while Rodriguez “smashed a bottle” over his head.”

I wear my hat because I want to make America great again like the president. I like Trump because he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. A hat that says ‘America’ and ‘great’ on it shouldn’t be polarizing. This is a political hate crime. I got attacked for what I think.

Luckily Valle, who is uninsured, found support in plastic surgeon and fellow Trump supporter Dr. Joseph Pober, who offered to fix Valle’s facial scarring for free. Pober has so far provided an estimated $30,000 worth of medical services to Valle free of charge, with two more free surgeries to come.

The violence of the left is the reason that Trump so “surprisingly” won the election. We let our votes do our talking and so many life long Democrats couldn’t ignore the blatant corruption, in both parties, any more and switched parties.

We didn’t block roads and burn communities. We didn’t spout filth at people and have our preschool children shout obscenities. We let our vote be our voice and we are still quietly letting our votes speak for us and you ain’t heard nothin’, yet!


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