Russian collusion confirmed: Bill and Hillary Clinton personally made $2.85m selling US uranium to Russia

At least $2.85 million dollars flowed to the Clinton Family through a series of five Russian-backed donations after a massive uranium deal was signed off by the State Department and other agencies during Hillary’s tenure.

Shockingly, between the years of 2009-2013 Russian-backed interests assumed control of one-fifth (20%) of the U.S. uranium supply along with several highly-lucrative mines in Kazakhstan through a secret backdoor deal with the Clintons, as reported by Joe Becker and Mike McIntire in April of 2015.

The report was groundbreaking. And if you think about it, the report should have triggered the real Russian narrative. You know, the one where the Clinton’s sold America’s most strategic asset (i.e. uranium: used to produce nuclear fuel and weapons of mass destruction). Of course, such a narrative never came to pass because to the contrary the fake Trump-Russia narrative was born, sidetracking the general public from what’s really going on.

Russian collusion Bill Hillary Clinton US uranium

According to Becker and McIntire: “Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.”

And if that’s not enough, Mr. Clinton received an additional $500,000 from a Russian investment bank with ties to Uranium One, bringing the grand total influx from Russia to $2,800,000. To top it off, the donations went unreported by the Clinton Foundation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Clintons actually did shady business with the Russians against the best interest of the United States of America and personally benefited from doing so. They must be held accountable.


5 Comments on Russian collusion confirmed: Bill and Hillary Clinton personally made $2.85m selling US uranium to Russia

  1. Who do you think made up the story about Trump and the Russians? She did when she lost and to give her plenty of time to get this deal done!!! The Hilary loving media won’t let it go. She needs to tell them it was a bogus story

  2. I am fed up with the accusations that the Russians were “collusion with Trump ” when all their dealings were with THE CLINTONS. I am quite SURE that they had rather deal with her like they had been.

  3. The Clintons are bullet-proof, and will NEVER be held accountable for their decades-long crime spree. Why do we even waste our time reading these stories knowing damned-full-well that NOTHING will be done to a Clinton. They will not stop their nefarious activities BECAUSE they know they are immune. So, until they die of old age we will watch them give America the one-finger salute and laugh all the way to the bank(s).

  4. It’s all a way to sidetrack us from what’s really happening and what has happened. Why aren’t any government officials on any off these committees questioning Obama? All of the Russian hacking took place under his watchful eye all heasa of every intelligence community were appointed by Obama they’ve all testified that ge knew about Russian meddling in the election as early as February of 2016 and he did nothing. Now democrats only want to go after the guy who’s in charge right now but instead of the guy who was in charge when it all happened. They have no evidence tying Trump to the Russians whatsoever that dosier was disproved. Plain and simple hypocrisy.

  5. Now we know whos got the money to hire hit men. I think she will get the electric chair. We need to leave her in prison for five years before. Prison should have not electric, only hand pump for water, a out house with some news paper ??? Then tell her welcome to real world. The demons are in control. The stick going to break.

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