Sarah Huckabee Asked if NAACP’s Boycott of Trump Proves He’s Racist, What She Said Next Left The Room Stunned

Democrats like April Ryan are always claiming President Trump is a racist but White House spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee, isn’t having any of it.

President Trump will be visiting the state of Mississippi and plans to stop by the Civil Rights Museum which is apparently not only offensive but…racist. Liberals ALWAYS play the race card.

April Ryan in this case decided to question Huckabee-Sanders on the fact that the black panthers and NAACP are boycotting Trumps visit and wether of not his visit proves that he is in fact a racist? Seriously? President Trump can’t visit any ‘southern’ state without the claim of racism, and he can’t visit anywhere else without the claims of white supremacy by the Democratic Party. There literally is NO winning with these people so why bother?

Sarah Huckabee was quick and fierce when responding to Ryan’s ludicrous claims of racism and that folks is why Trump decision to have her be the one responsible for addressing the press was pure genius.

Via Subject Politics:

April Ryan told Sarah that several NAACP members and black preachers are protesting Pres. Trump’s visit, and asked what this means to the President.

Sarah Huckabee

Huckabee-Sanders called their protest “very sad” because Pres. Trump is doing something to bring communities together and they should join instead of protesting.

Then, April Ryan went a step further, asking if Pres. Trump’s visit would be an “insult,” and implied that he stood with the White Supremacist March in Virginia.

Huckabee-Sanders cut Ryan off before she could even finish her sentence, completely embarrassing her for making such an allegation.


4 Comments on Sarah Huckabee Asked if NAACP’s Boycott of Trump Proves He’s Racist, What She Said Next Left The Room Stunned

  1. With all the border illiteracy seen today I wish your site would proofread before you post. I can’t give a lot of credence to a site that can’t spell.

  2. This race-baiter should be investigated for her racist agenda of suggesting white people aren’t human,and that they don’t deserve to have their complaints and hardships BE HEARD TOO…she’s so HATE-FILLED it’s obvious whenever she speaks….get her OUT of the media before she causes a damn race riot across America with her lies and spitefulness toward President Trump…

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