Seattle Democrat Mayor is Being Accused of Pedophilia !

Seattle Mayor (D)Ed Murray recently ended his bid for a Second Term amid allegations that he physically abused  3 teens more then 20 years ago. Murray was elected mayor in 2013. He has been active in politics since 1995 where he spent his time as a state senator and a member of the Washington House of Representatives. A lawsuit that was filed by one of the victims alleges that when he was 15 in 1986 , Murray “Raped and Molested” him for many years. The victim was a high school dropout and a drug addict. Murray paid him according to the Lawsuit around “$10-$15” on over 50 different occasions. The Full Lawsuit is linked below and was obtained by The Seattle Times. The alleged victim used his initials as D.H to file the lawsuit .

Delvonn Heckard, a 46-year-old is currently  living in the Seattle area and has said that he decided to speak up after his fathers passing and when 2 other men decided to release their identity to the public he did as-well. Those two men alleged similar abuse by Ed Murray . The other two men have yet to file Lawsuits but state the similar accusation that they were paid by Murray to have sex with him when they were troubled teens in the late 80’s .Ed Murray has veraciously denied these allegations.

You can read the Full lawsuit as a PDF file Below!…/Murray-lawsuit.pdf


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