Son Humiliates His Father As He Is Being Sworn In To The House By Paul Ryan, Ryan Perplexed

If this was my kid, he’s be way more than grounded. While Kansas Congressman Roger Marshall’s was being sworn in to the house of Representatives, his turd kis decided to do something really STUPID as his dad looks away. Poor Congressman.. he later apologized to Paul Ryan via twitter stating ”Just so you know…he’s grounded.’ LOL! You have to see this idiot move. Looks like he won’t be standing for any really important pictures with his father for a while…

VIA| It was a special moment for Dr. Roger Marshall, the freshman congressman from Kansas. It was his moment of triumph.

And then his son, Cal Marshall, decided to be cute and ruin everything.

Marshall, a medical doctor, is one of many new Republican faces in the House of Representatives.

Last week, Speaker Paul Ryan swore in Marshall and a number of other freshman legislators.

Marshall gave the honor of holding the Bible used for the swearing-in to his son.

But Cal had plans to make a joke of the ceremony.

As his father and Ryan raised their hands and turned toward the cameras, the boy began “dabbing.”

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