NAILED IT: Sowell ANNIHILATES 100 yrs of liberal logic

The truth cannot be kept in the dark for very long.

Sowell always and with much bravery finds a way to dust off his feet and get back into the political game.

It it all about the role government should play in our lives vs. the role WE should play in our own lives, as Mr. Sowell so eloquently puts.

Thomas Sowell nails every word hard with a hammer as he moves through many curve balls in his life.

Truthfully, he should help good folks rethink what is really compassionate.

According to allenbwest,

Like many conservative intellectuals, Thomas Sowell was originally a member of the Left in his youth. His Marxist beliefs continued to his graduate education, even as he studied under the late-libertarian Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman.

It wasn’t until he took a summer job at the Labor Department that he realized the government wouldn’t be even remotely capable of creating the society he had envisioned.

It wasn’t the inefficiency of government alone that led to Sowell’s conversion to conservativism – it was the reality-free approach liberals took to the issues they championed.

Watch him explain below:

“Liberals are for helping people who are disadvantaged, while I think conservatives want to stop people from being disadvantaged. In other words, liberals want to help the poor while they’re poor, but really the biggest benefit is to stop them from being poor, and that’s something they [liberals] have little interest in.”

Ain’t that the truth. If liberals prevented the poor from being poor, they’d have no welfare state with which to entice them to vote Democrat.

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  1. I love this man! i’ve read his columns over the year, and he makes complete sense. Why is it that he, a Black man can succeed and so many black men end up in prison? Beucase, probably Thomas’ mom ‘n dad stressed staying in school, and people judge you by your character, not your color. And they probably didn’t whine about Whitie all of the time and how Blacks were being held down by them!

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