One Steel Town Is Already Seeing MASSIVE Benefits From Trump’s Tariffs

President Trump has been making some big changes lately and Democrats have been doing a good job of complaining. 

President Trump and his recent trade policies have just had another big win as 800 new jobs have become available. The new tariffs have only been in place for a few days and we are already seeing the benefits. An Illinois town is already receiving a massive profit from the tariffs.

Not only is Granite City, Illinois seeing renewed jobs at the steel mill, but all other businesses are also reaping the increased business and profits. This is excellent news. Honestly, who cannot approve of that?? 

From greatamericanrepublic:

As Written and Reported By John Binder for Breitbart:

American workers in an Illinois steel town are finally seeing relief after years of job-killing free trade thanks to President Trump’s 25 percent tariff on imported steel.

A Chicago Tribune report by Samantha Bomkamp reveals how Granite City, Illinois, is seeing a renewed steel industry after Trump’s tariffs on steel imports were implemented.

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In 2015, the Illinois steel town saw 2,000 layoffs of American steel workers from the city’s local steel plant. Now, because of Trump’s tariffs on steel, the Granite City steel plant is rehiring 800 steel workers—about half of which will be those who were laid off in 2015 and the other half will be new hires.

Local business owners told the Chicago Tribune that they’re happy to see the steel jobs reopening in their town, as they say, the layoffs in 2015 hit their businesses as well:

The restart is causing an influx of customers at Park Grill, which is adjacent to the plant and was hit hard after the 2015 layoffs. Some steelworkers eat multiple meals a day at the grill. Railroad workers, truck drivers and others who have jobs supporting the plant also stop in or place orders for burgers and barbecue sandwiches. [Emphasis added]

“I’m hoping that everything goes back to where it was, and I think it will,” Park Grill owner Mike DeBruce said. “I think it’s going to be stronger and better.” [Emphasis added]


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