DISGUSTING: Parents Discover The Unthinkable During Son’s Hospital Visit!

Steven Wenger

ObamaCare has subsequently ruined every aspect of the American healthcare system and Steven Wenger is just one victim of hospital neglect.

The story of Steven Wenger is a sad one that was only made more tragic by the poor treatment he received as a medical patient. Having been on assisted breathing since an accident that occurred when Steven Wenger was only 26-years-old the now 41-year-old is once again fighting for his life.

While doing a routine checkup on her patient one new nurse noticed something in Steven Wenger’s breathing tube that most definitely should never have been there and will have most Americans cringing in disgust.

Via AWM:

Steven Wenger

41-year-old Steven Wenger has been disabled ever since he was involved in a car crash 26 years ago. He cannot breathe on his own and needs health care workers around to help him perform daily tasks. Without them, he could die.

Recently, a nurse came to visit him in the nursing home where he stays. And during her visit, she made a discovery that nauseated her – and will likely make your stomach turn.

Something horrible and sinister was living in Steven’s breathing tube. It could be the most or at least the second most disgusting insect to be on the planet.

The nurse didn’t believe it at first. But when she looked closer her worst fear was confirmed. Steven’s breathing tube was infested with maggots – yes maggots. The disgusting wormy larvae we all loathe.

Steven Wenger

What level of neglect was Steven subjected to? Who let maggots breed in the tube that is supposed to provide him oxygen – our most precious resource.

After the discovery, Steven was rushed to the hospital. The doctors found a horrible truth – Steven was infested with maggots.

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This maltreatment and unacceptable neglect is the current reality surrounding the American healthcare system thanks to the complete lack on insurance options throughout the country.

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  1. You hear stories like this often. Many nursing homes are just not “clean” are well managed. Every room should have a camera with 24/7/365 monitoring. These elderly and disabled people are abused by the care givers and no one knows until someone is caught in the act. I know there are caring people doing these jobs, but some are just low lives that just don’t care.

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