Leaked Document Shows Taliban Terrorists Are Being Armed By Afghan Soldiers With U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

In a new chilling report, an increase in violence in Afghanistan and the rise of Taliban militants led to the discovery that  U.S.-funded Afghan security forces are selling their American-supplied weapons to Taliban terrorists. The numbers will shock you. Check this out:

VIA| Terrorist militants affiliated with the Taliban in Afghanistan have been purchasing U.S.-supplied weapons and ammunition from Afghan army and police forces, which receive their funding from American taxpayers, according to a new government report.

The disclosure comes amid an increase in violence in the war-torn country, where the Taliban continues to grow and regain territory once held by U.S.-allied Afghan forces. Just 63 percent of Afghanistan is under allied control, despite a four-billion dollar investment from the United States in 2016.

With the country facing some of the highest levels of corruption worldwide, U.S. government inspectors have discovered evidence that the U.S.-funded Afghan security forces are selling their American-supplied weapons to Taliban terrorists.

These U.S.-aligned security forces also have been stealing American-bought fuel and selling it to Afghan insurgents, according to new findings by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR.

“The theft of fuel not only robs U.S. taxpayers and damages the reconstruction effort, but stolen fuel and profits from selling it can wind up in the hands of insurgents,” according to a new SIGAR report authored to inform the new Congress and incoming Trump administration.

“SIGAR has been told that a high percentage of fuel has been stolen and that Taliban commanders give instructions to their forces to buy weapons, ammunition, and fuel from the Afghan army and police,” inspectors found.

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