In this meme-ifyed letter, a Danish teacher slams her native country’s horrendous tax-rates and excessive government dependency.

“I am a school teacher in Denmark making about $61,000/year.”

“We also have free education,” she said. You already have a problem. How can you sustain paying teachers high wages when education is free? Moving on.

“You don’t have to pay for the doctor or the hospital, and students even get paid to learn.”

“It all sounds so great, right? However, I forgot to mention that nothing is ever free — the minimum income tax in Denmark is 40 percent,” the teacher said.

She then goes on to mention the astronomical taxes and prices of various other things — like a 25 percent sales tax, 180 percent vehicle tax and the $10 gallon of gasGosh, and I complained when gas was $4 a gallon. Whoops. READ MORE

29 Comments on EPIC Message By Denmark Teacher OBLITERATES BERNIE SANDERS’ Call For “FREE STUFF”

  1. Socialism, or neo communism is extremely expensive as it has to pay for layers of bureaucrats that have to administer all of the special rules taxes and fees.

    • Turns out after reading the Snopes article, It is true the meme is not accurate. But it’s not that far off either. Besides, we all know the real way these Scandinavian countries pay for their systems is by relying on the US, and other, militaries to bail their ass out if it really hits the fan. Not fielding a Military actually capable of comprehensively protecting your citizens? And Denmark has a better military than most Scandinavian countries. A nearly homogeneous population of under 6 Million with nearly 90% living in cities. Doesn’t seem like an apples and apples comparison with the US. Also, I see have-truths all the way to total BS on Snopes quite frequently. Who checks the fact checkers? If you just post a link to a Snopes article without checking *their* facts, is that really any better than posting a meme without checking?


      • Yes she is and her and her hubby are being investigated for taking money from CNN MSNBC and a few other MSM to back them up in their lies. They got paid good for lying for the news stations when someone would “fact” check. Two lumps of coal sitting on their couch, making things up.

        • What a bunch of non believers. Who in the hell do you think is paying for all this “free stuff” the government, and where does this money come from, the hard working people trying to make a living. When half the population is living off the other half, the system is wrong. It’s about time all you free loaders start taking responsibility for your lives. Why do all you flakes think that the system owes you a living The government (working people) owe you nothing except the fact of making things available and what you do to utilize these services is your responsibility.. How can anyone have any self worth with their hand held out for everything they need. The norm is for everyone to take care of themselves and contribute to society.

    • The statistics in the article may not have been totally accurate but they certainly seem to be worse off than Americans if you read the whole Snopes article.

  2. Look at what you get for your dollars: Yes they pay higher taxes, but EVERYONE has excellent health care without paying any other premium; EVERYONE can get a University education without acquiring massive debt that keeps them from actively being in the economy; a fair income is provided to those who are retired; early child education is paid for all; and many other services are provided. The bottom line is that someone in Denmark pays less in taxes, medical costs, education, and other fees than we in the US pay for those services. You may call it socialism, but look at what you get for your money. You get health, education, security which all too many in the USA can’t afford.

    • Everyone does not get excellent healthcare. The healthcare is poor, why do you think all the rich come here for healthcare? Why do the flock to American Universities? The grass is always greener on the other side.

  3. Jerry you missed the point what good is any of it when you can do nothing with it I emigrated to the U.S from a country with similar ideas. I received the best education Europe could provide but the jobs pay little because every thing in Europe goes to refugees and social programs (those that will not work) at-least in the U.S I can be who and what i choose the Dane’s cannot say that. before you open your America hating mouth go live some where else not visit actually try living and working there as a citizen not a guest you will come home with less money and a new attitude.
    P.S Uncle Bernie is full of crap

  4. The best thing Denmark has going for it are it’s beautiful women. And I’m sure they will be leaving as the country seems to be intent on importing middle eastern rapists by the thousands. Come to the U.S. ladies, you’re welcome here.

  5. If you love all the social programs, move and enjoy. We are still free in this country and you wil never change it. I can’t understand why we should pay for peoples health, education, etc, who never plan for a future who drink (alcohol), do drugs, and play until problems arise and then they want us to save them. Get a life!!

  6. The devil is always in the details. The Danes might have high taxes because they pay for their Government as they use it, opposite of what Americans do. Americans charge the cost of Government and put it on the National credit card. Americans have more Government too, the just don’t pay for it.

    In 2016 Federal revenues were 2,99Tr yet from 10/1/15 to 9/29/16 the national debt increased 1.382 Tr. Had the US paid the bill, they would have had to raise all taxes 1.382/2.99 = 46%.

    The US has a debt to GDP ratio of 104% (increasing) and Denmark it is 40.4% (falling from 45% in 2000).

    • So Scott, your idea is to hand over your paycheck to the government, lay back and let them take care of all your needs? No responsibility on your part. Call this contributin to society, I call it no vision.

  7. Fact check: The article also goes on to state Denmark has a 20.9/100 K suicide rate and peak rate of 32/100K. It states the US is 11.1 and 12.7 max. According to the WHO it is 13.5 and the US is 19.5. The world average is 10.

    This also should pegs one’s BS indicator since suicide by firearms in the US is a good majority of gun deaths. Most European countries have less availability of firearms so there should be a lower suicide.


  8. Free healthcare in Denmark is not free. Danish healthcare is an 8% line item deduction of gross pay. Free healthcare in Denmark does not cover physicals, vision or dental care, and mental health services are only partially covered and only in certain situations. Prescriptions are full price until a personal annual threshold is reached, then they are. The Danish health insurance system can be split between public and private policies. It is also possible to obtain supplementary private health insurance to cover any treatment that is not covered under your public insurance policy.

    Public health insurance
    All residents in Denmark are entitled to health insurance services and hospital treatment covered by public health insurance. Such services include consultation and treatment from a General Practitioner (GP), as well as subsidised rates for dental care, chiropractic treatment and medication. The Danish public health insurance system also covers specialist consultation, physiotherapy, podiatry and psychological consultation as long as you have been referred by your GP.

    Citizens must choose between two groups within the public health insurance scheme:

    Group 1: Free consultation with your chosen GP or a specialist upon referral. Treatment from dentists, podiatrists, psychologists and physiotherapists are available at a subsidised rate.

    Group 2: You will have to pay a higher rate of contribution. However you are free to choose a different GP each time you need to consult a doctor, rather than keeping the same GP as in group 1. You are also free to consult a specialist without having been referred by a GP. Fees are subsidised at the same rate as group 1. Treatment from dentists, podiatrists, psychologists and physiotherapists are available under the same conditions as in group 1.

    Private health insurance in Denmark
    It is not unusual for foreigners to take out additional private insurance to supplement their automatic entitlement to the Danish public health insurance scheme. Private health insurance policies cover medical costs that are not covered by the public scheme, as well as subsidising fees at private hospitals and clinics. Some employers in Denmark also take out private health insurance policies for their employees.progressively discounted as the spend increases.

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