Teacher Union President, Lily Garcia Says Children Are ‘Crying’ Because They Are ‘Afraid’ of Trump

President of the largest progressive and most activist teacher’s union in the nation, Lily Garcia, just used her unruly podium to direct America’s top educational affair.

Lily Garcia believes the real issue is not our failing school systems, the rising costs and shrinking results of success in the classroom, or the out of line, tasteless leftist social engineering that is overtaking the educational system.

She feels the key issue facing our schools is President Trump’s evil ways of upsetting teachers and children during school and making them cry.

Lily Garcia

Reported by breitbart:

At the National Press Club, National Education Association president Lily Garcia claimed teachers were having to “comfort crying children because they are afraid” of President Donald Trump.

Partial transcript as follows:

Our work happens inside and outside the classroom. Thousands of people in cities across the country took to the streets this week to protest this administration’s cruel, senseless ending of DACA. Many of them were our members supporting their students. And those same educators still showed up for school giving their kids hugs and homework. We have to be both: activists and educators.

And in this speech today, I have to be both. I have to talk about policy and politics but I have to somehow leave you with the importance of our work and what’s at stake for our students.

We are facing a reckless and irresponsible administration that creates chaos and confusion – which is bad – but he also creates fear in children, which is unforgiveable. For the first time in our country’s history, teachers had to comfort crying children because they were afraid of their president.

There were current events about Muslim bans and educators had to assure frightened children like little girls who wore hijabs or little boys named Mohammad that the president couldn’t hurt them.

There were current events about border walls to keep out Bad Hombres, and educators had to assure frightened children with names like Alfredo and Juanita that the president couldn’t hurt them.

There were current events about humiliating transgender students who just had to go to the bathroom and removing the protections against their discrimination, and educators had to assure frightened boys who were shaped like girls; and girls who were shaped like boys that the president couldn’t hurt them.

And this week there was a current event that this president was stripping away the protection for our Dreamers. He cruelly says he’s sure Congress will take care of it. Donald Trump is risking 800,000 lives. He risks nothing. These undocumented young people were brought here as children; they graduated from school and had no criminal record – young people who did not make the adult decision to come. They applied for and were granted protected status because of their special circumstances. DACA allowed them to go work; go to college or serve their country in the military.

DACA is an unqualified success on every level. It’s humane. It’s just. It’s pumping billions into our economy to have these educated, hardworking, enthusiastic young people paying taxes and buying homes and working and studying and starting businesses.

We want to comfort them. But it’s so hard to tell them that this president can’t hurt them. They know the truth. But we’ve taught them well. And they know and we know the right question to ask: What are we going to do about it.

26 Comments on Teacher Union President, Lily Garcia Says Children Are ‘Crying’ Because They Are ‘Afraid’ of Trump

  1. Total bollocks and bullshit! The school system is turning our Nation’s children into a bunch of wimpy, whining little cowards unprepared for REAL LIFE! This is how socialized governments groom people for eventual financial slavery to the Nanny State.

  2. Common core AND affirmative action at it’s worst all its doing is bypassing all the qualified applicants and placing uneducated lazy people who don’t give two fucks about about our kids or their education in our classrooms and common core has turned our kids into a bunch of whiney ass babies do away with both and things will get better

  3. A WONDERFUL goal for you… straighten out those misinformed children and explain our president’s goal is to make America great again.

  4. You and your left wing teachers have greatly contributed to the planned destruction of the Public Education System in this country. You have done what George Soros and his globalists wanted, dumb down the population and strip them of knowledge of American History and the values that made our country great. Rest assured you traitor, your actions will not be forgotten when the Civil War starts.

  5. If children are afraid of Trump, it is because they are being taught to be afraid. Children need not be afraid of President Trump. It is people like this nutty
    “educator” and her kind are the ones they should fear. They want to blame President Trump for their failure to properly educate our children. Since they decline of our educational system started years before President Trump. Proof of the decline is showing very clearly in our colleges and what they are learning there. Many get their degrees, but have no real idea how to face life and be responsible. WE NEED TO HAVE COMPETENT CARING EDUCATORS WHO ACTUALLY TEACH !!!

  6. This just proves that the kids really need an education. If they were smart they would be deathly afraid of this rat POS communist flunky.

  7. These children are speaking what their parents have told them. They know nothing of President Trump (personally). They only repeat what they have been told. IT’S RIDICULOUS. It sounds like child abuse to me.

  8. I seen the real problem and it was on the front of the podium! NEA if there ever was union that needs to be disbanded its this one!

  9. What reckless woman. She should be fired immediately, without pay and should never, never be allowed to look yrs to look at children again.

  10. I teach in a school district that is 98% Hispanic, and I have yet to comfort one child because of Trump. I have had to comfort crying children because of the chaos their parents live in and submit their children to, but not because of Trump.

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