The End Is Here for Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner: Very Sad, Gross Photo Shoot

With multiple sources stating “that the former Olympian had been miserable for months and has considered transitioning back to man” and others claiming “Caitlyn has made whispers of ‘sex change regret,” … there are two very possible Caitlyn Jenner stories.

Story number 1:

A mentally ill man thought he was a woman, was reinforced in this perspective by a perverse media and a pathetic medical establishment urging him to overrule his own second thoughts, underwent surgery and hormone therapy, realized that surgery and hormone therapy do not cure mental illness, now regrets his suffering, and is finally considering de-transitioning.

Story number 2:

A man magically became a woman, but this woman now wants to become a man.

Pick one.

The Department of Justice suggests that Americans be forced to embrace Story #2.

Instead of recognizing the reality of mental illness and media exploitation, we’ll all be told to repeat Story #2 until it becomes second nature, or be called bigots, have our businesses and states boycotted, or be fined. The reality of sex and the reality of mental illness must be memory-holed, and those who suffer from mental illness driving them to believe fictions about their own sex must be forced to embrace that mental illness as reality.

Here are some truths that could have stopped this charade if society actually cared about truth:

1. Suicide Rates Among Transgenders Do Not Decrease Thanks to Sex-Change Surgery. 

2. Most Children Grow Out Of Transgender Feelings.

3. Transgender Regret Is Very Real. Walt Heyer, a man who underwent sex-change surgery and then regretted it, writes at The Federalist:

The study commissioned by The Guardian of the UK in 2004 reviewed 100 studies and found 20 percent regret. Consider the findings of a 2011 Swedish study (not the study Ms. Costello used) published seven years after the 2004 UK review. It looked at mortality and morbidity after gender reassignment surgery and found that people who changed genders had a higher risk of suicide. In this study, all the sex-reassigned persons in Sweden from 1973–2003 (191 male-to-females, 133 female-to-males) were compared to a comparable random control group. The sex-reassigned persons had substantially higher rates of death from cardiovascular disease and suicide, and substantially higher rates of attempted suicide….Gender surgery is not effective treatment for depression, anxiety or mental disorders.

According to ihavethetruth,

According to The U.K. Daily Mail  Jenner underwent the $20,000 procedure to trade male genitalia for female parts, and now wants to show them off.  Even Jenner’s famous family was cringing at the thought of such photos circulating throughout the world after learning of the plan from Jenner’s son, Brody. All rumor until now – Brody confirmed that Caitlyn has planned and booked a full nude photoshoot.

Members of the family even went so far as to call the upcoming shoot “gross” and a “nightmare.”

“They’re hoping the shoot doesn’t come to pass because taking it to that level and unveiling her (new body) with a fully naked photo spread is going way too far,” Brody continued.

Caitlyn Jenner Talks About Getting Gender Reassignment Surgery In Her Memoir “I’ve Had The FINAL Surgery — Bye, Bye Penis!”

Caitlyn Jenner has been all over the spectrum the last few months. She even admitted to contemplating suicide. But now the Olympian reveals in new tell-all that she is now ‘liberated.’ No More um…”Mini-Bruce”.

Caitlyn said he was not gay, but straight woman aren’t interested (anymore), he’s confused, he’s got buyer’s remorse on the surgery. His show is canceled. Where does he go from here?

In the reality star’s new memoir, The Secrets of My Life, she claims she had the “Final Surgery” in January 2017, nearly two years after she publicly announced her identity as a trans woman in an explosive interview with Diane Sawyer.

Life just hasn’t been greener on the other side for Bruce..Caitlyn…whoever he is today! But that seems to have all been turned around now that Bruce is gone:

“It’s just a penis. It has no special gifts or use for me other than what I have said before, the ability to take a whiz in the woods,” the former I Am Cait star tells fans. “I just want to have all the right parts. I am also tired of tucking the damn thing in all the time.”

“I am going to live authentically for the first time in my life,” she recalls thinking in the hours after the surgeries, following an initial freak-out. “I am going to have an enthusiasm for life that I have not had in 39 years since the Olympics, almost two thirds of my life.”

As Radar previously reported, Jenner earned a cool $4 million advance for her hot new book.

Thing weren’t always great – US Magazine Reports:

“The 67-year-old I Am Cait star — formerly known as Bruce — said she thought about taking her own life shortly after having her Adam’s apple surgically shaved, a part of her body she “always hated.” When a paparazzo captured shots of Jenner leaving the doctor’s office after the procedure in February 2014, the former Olympian said she nearly lost it.

“I could not sleep that night. I’m up at 3 a.m. walking up and down my hallway, thinking, Damn, all this s–t is going to come out tomorrow and it’s going to be horrible,” she recounted. “And I said, ‘You know what? Easy way. Go in the other room. You got a gun. Let’s just end it right here.’”

The TV personality — who has been open about her brush with suicide with friends and family — added that the whole experience was one of the worst moments in her life.”

Will this be another tragic story that ends in suicide? It sounds to me like Caitlyn is calling out very loud for some kind of help.

It is not a rarity. David Batty in the UK Guardian wrote:

A review of more than 100 international medical studies of “post-operative” transsexuals finds up to 20% regret transitioning and no conclusive evidence was found that shows gender reassignment surgery improves the lives of transsexuals, with many people remaining severely distressed and even suicidal after the operation.

A staggering 41 percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide.

65 percent of people who’ve had cosmetic surgery, which is relatively minor body alteration, later regret the decision.


So it is no wonder that Caitlyn is in this huge state of confusion.

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