Trey Gowdy Gives Amazing House Floor Speech Is

Trey Gowdy brought the crowd to tears recently when he asked the House floor to honor police officers.

This special day he has brought to our nation’s attention is known as “Peace Officers Memorial Day.” He feels police deserve our respect because they never know what is going to happen, and even when things go sideways police officers are usually likely the ones to get blamed.

A current example of a police officer shooting a sex offender attacking his wife has created a lot of controversy.

Gowdy related,

“things certainly did go sideways and a good officer was caught in the middle and wound up hurting a child and regretting it the rest of his days.”

The bullet took a wrong turn hitting a child making things seem very crooked for the police officer.

“It tore him up inside. Gowdy told him he did the right thing. But it did not erase the pain and guilt of what he did in the line of duty.”

But perhaps, nothing sums up the job and the sacrifice more than the life of Officer Kevin Carper as told by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

His account is truly powerful.

Gowdy may not think he is the ‘right man’ for the job of FBI Director, but there are few people who can so eloquently remind us of the challenges a law enforcement officer faces with such heart and passion than former prosecutor Gowdy.

R.I.P Officer Carper and all those we remember this week who gave their lives for us…

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