20 Republicans just made a move to undermine President Trump and here are their names…

A letter to homeland security was signed by thirty one senators that undermines everything Donald Trump is trying to accomplish when it comes to bringing jobs back to American citizens. The kicker? Twenty of those senators are REPUBLICAN!

From Top Secret Leaks:

Thirty-one Senators signed a letter asking Homeland Security to maximize the number of blue collar outsourcing visas that allow U.S. based corporations to import low-skilled workers instead of hiring Americans to do the work.

The number of H-2B visas issued had long been held to 66,000 visas but was wildly expanded by Obama in the last year of his presidency, to 264,000.  Now, almost 40% of the Republican caucus wants to keep it at that level.

These are the turncoat Republican senators:

Now we can add these 20 to the list of Democrats not to vote for. We stand with President Trump. Out with the Old, in with the NEW!

They need to start doing the job they are being paid to do. Our president, that we the American people elected, is passing laws to help this Country. Get off your butt and help him if you can’t do that leave the country. Enough said!


  1. These “Republican” senators will be replaced by people who listen to the people who voted for them. As a Trump Republican i will blanket these areas with truth bombs! Mark my words, they will NOT get elected again!

  2. I might suggest that when you vote for someone running for the Republican party, you check them out real good. Some have run for Rep,and voted against everything, or with the dems. That should be illegal. If they can’t be honest with this, they should be charged.

  3. More Dem moles. They presented themselves as Republican in elections knowing damn well their states didn’t want a Dem. Just rebadged Dems. Same ideas and support the Democrat Party. Now Dems wouldn’t misrepresent a candidate in an election now would they? You bet they would. They know some people just won’t vote for a Democrat. So why not just make voters think your one?

  4. Well its time to have a little mild investigation, nothing big or elaborate and without them knowing, check their finances, works every time see where they getting their money and that tells the whole story, except a few we already know the story like linseed grahamcrapper!!!

  5. i think the dems are paying these lowlife assholes a politician will do anything for money also they should be dismissed from politics forever

  6. Well Johnny Isackson I guess you are not for the citizens of Georgia. You must be getting paid special interest money plus a Salery from we the Ga people that worked our behinds off for our(entitlements) that you keep taking for higher pay when you do not even work for us. That just does not compute for me. I will vote against you next time .

  7. Bill Cassidy hate to see your name on this list. People of Louisiana voted for you to support us. Stop trying to sabotage President Trump and us. Will definitely remember all of your stands if you should run again.

  8. I believe those RINO’s are, if not for a better word, called MOLES. They are actually in the Republican party to dislodge any good that we might want to do. These are the SNEAKY SNAKES!

  9. I think all Deplorable’s should be advised to call their legislator and demand these people step down. We have to stop this and George Soros has bragged about who he owns ! He has bragged about how many Senators he owns. The ones that disrespect the President that We The People put into office are disrespecting all we Deplorable’s and we want all of the named Senators on that list gone. We do not want to pay them to disrespect ou President.

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