United Nations Weighs In On Obamacare Repeal, Tells Trump They Will NOT ALLOW IT!

Paul Mirengoff, Powerline Blog

Dana Milbank reports, with glee, that the United Nations “has contacted the Trump administration as part of an investigation into whether repealing [Obamacare] without an adequate substitute for the millions who would lose health coverage would be a violation of several international conventions that bind the United States.” The warning comes from the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights in Geneva.

The U.N. Human Rights Commission (now known as the Human Rights Council) purports to “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights,“ Its members include China, Cuba, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

The “High Commissioner’s” office warning that Obamacare repeal/replacement might be illegal comes in a letter to the Trump administration. The Commissioner asked that the letter be shared with majority and minority leadership in both chambers of Congress. It also proposed that “the wider public should be alerted to the potential implications of the above-mentioned allegations.” According to Milbank, the White House has not shared the letter with Congress, much less “alerted the wider public.”

The public should be alerted, and alarmed, that the U.N. is attempting to dictate our domestic policy. The “High Commissioner’s” letter shows that signing broadly worded international agreements allows foreign countries, including some of the world’s worst dictatorship, to accuse us of violating the law. We should sign no more of them.

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  1. And exactly what the hell do you Muslim loving, Christian hating, socialist, anti freedom, paid off commie, pieces of shit goin to do? I hope President Trump pulls us out of the U.N. then what would your dumbasses do? Haha bring it on #DownGoesTheBlueCaps

    • i know, Tyler. this is going to be quite a battle, isn’t it? they all want destruction. no more life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, constitution, and America

      • since my high school days i’ve always said and believed we should do away with the united nations. they cannot rule this country nor can and body president on down can give or sell off any part of this country to another country. They are really trying to pull bullshit over our eyes but also we need to arm ourselves to protect this country right now. if you are a believer of Jesus…the bible tells us exactly how the end will come about….well, my friends…it’s all about the united nations as the new babylon. spells it out in black and white yet most ppl are so dumb and stupid to see it. wake up and read your bibles. we can shut down the un and every other country in the world from ever doing what the wish with us.

      • Rachel Contreras; What the hell do you really know about the United Nations? They were formed in San Francisco in the 1940ties, The first acting Chairman was Alger Hiss. He was an active and card carrying member of the Communist Party USA at that time. Later on he was convicted of treason. The United Nations Constitution is an exact replica of the Russian Communist one in Moscow, and word for word. Why the USA even accepted this is beyond my comprehension. Check it out Rachel, and don’t e such a dumb-ass.

        • The UN charter is not an exact replica of the Russian Constiution.

          Such alternative facts certainly calls into question, anything else you say.

          • So tell me about the Charter, the in cannot tell us how to run our country, let some other country support it and Maeve it out of the Us then we will see what money they have to fund the Un

        • The U.N., was formed first as the League of Nations, in S.F. Everything else that you said is in error as well.
          Please check your facts first.

          • The UN’s objectives include maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict. The UN is the largest, most familiar, most internationally represented and most powerful intergovernmental organisation in the world.
            Sounds like an organization Jesus would support. Get your facts. Read history.

      • WTH…WE DO NOT NEED…WE DO NOT WANT ANYONE but US Citizens telling OUR government what to do The UN IS ANTI-ISRAEL…PRO ISLAM and WANTS TO BE THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT WE KNOW FROM End Times! President Trump DID THE RIGHT THING….pulling out OF THE FALSE–FAKE–Global Warming re-did to Climate change BECAUSE there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO…NADA…proof that CO and CO2 emissions from cars and trucks are responsible for the ever-so tiny increase in global temps!
        Tell the UN to go and make love to itself!

        • As if the UN were in any position to preach to the USA. Their “declaration of Human Rights” doesn’t even include the right to speak freely or bear arms. The UN has revealed its true tyrranical nature. World Communist Government. Get them OUT of the USA.

        • The depth of your ignorance knows no bounds. The days of isolationism is a ship that has long since sailed. Now more than eve it is important for us to work with the other countries of the world and heed their advice when they see we are committing acts that are not in the best interest of humanity.

          • There is a big difference between working with other countries and having our country dictated by the un.
            The un does not hold enough power to control us. Nor should they. The duties of the un are to guide and mediate when neseccary, no more.

          • your an idiot the time is now for us to square our shoulders and remove the foreign interlopers who s sole purpose is to bleed us of our treasure,and destroy our freedom

          • Hmmmmm looks like someone’s been in the false prophet Mohammed’s stash of camel piss if you believe that the UN ISN’T the endtime New Babylon then YOU truly are deceived they mean nothing good watch and see what i say

      • Hahahahaha! I’ll bet the president got a good laugh out of that note! The UN doesn’t know that Obamacare is bankrupt? Not many doctors will take it any more. President Trump doesn’t have to get out of it. It’s imploding!

        The latest evidence of Obamacare’s implosion comes from its stunning collapse in the state of Iowa in just a matter of a few weeks.

        Early last month, 2 of Iowa’s 3 remaining healthcare providers, Aetna and Wellmark, announced they would not participate in the state’s exchange in 2018. Per Bloomberg

        • Here in Ohio the same thing happened, the last insurance company in Obamacare pulled out in several counties including the county I live in . They say there are only a few countries left that have Obamacare insurance.

    • I want to head and percent agree with you I’d like to know what they planning also are they going to take us to war cuz we will kick their asses

    • Tyler you really are an ignorant bigot, apparently so delusional that you believe in talking snakes and probably participate in ritual cannibalism on Sundays. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT BUT DELUSION WHEN YOU BELIEVE YOU WERE BORN WITH AN EVIL STAIN OF SIN WHICH MOTIVATES YOU TO ABANDON ALL REASON AND ‘BELIEVE’ IN A BOATLOAD OF BULLSHIT SO THAT YOU CAN BE ‘SAVED’ FROM A SIN YOU NEVER EARNED? HOW CAN YOU BE SO FUCKING STUPID?

      • Dances with fascists…. delussional much? Your rant is bizarre to say the least. No go back to daddys basement and shush.

      • With Qatar, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China as members of the “human rights” council, that
        council is a joke, and has no standing to tell the USA what they can and cannot do.

      • I would have to agree with Him. Get the USA out of the UN! And get the UN out of the USA. The sooner the better. Supposedly started to keep the world from another word war. What does all of this garbage, including the Climate Scheme, agenda 21, etc., etc., have to do with their supposed purpose? It appears to me that the UN is about the business of making themselves all important and all powerful. No thanks. Send them packing ASAP!


    • You are absolutely right, what would they do? The U.S. pays approx. 8 billion dollars. More than any other country i believe. What would they do? Go bankrupt i hope.

    • As if the UN were in any position to preach to the USA. Their “declaration of Human Rights” doesn’t even include the right to speak freely or bear arms. The UN has revealed its true tyrranical nature. World Communist Government. Get them OUT of the USA.

    • Amen, Brother! I just read that President Trump just pulled $6 Billion from the UN Budget. I pray he pulls out completely, cuts off all funds to the Useless Nations Sewer, and kicks them off American Soil! Let those Globalist Commie Sewer Maggots so suck off their Muslim Masters, whom they already bow down to. USA OUT OF UN NOW!

    • Bill Whit..RIGHT ON…..UN has NO business telling the US anything…we all hope TRUMP kicks the UN out of the US…we do not need to be a member any more..The UN , like Obama always wanted is to run the world and he himself to be president. If UN troops want to invade this country it would have been their worst night mare.

    • Well this was all very informative and interesting. I learned a lot but still walked away knowing it’s in God’s hands and President Trump is not in office by chance but my divine appointment. We will gain a great victory but only after we (sadly) win this battle in our own land. Pray for our President that those who come against will find favor in him and support him so we may gain strength in our country again. We must come together as one….USA = United Strong Americans

    • I agree PULL OUT OF THE U.N… The U.N. can piss off. They have NO right to dictate ANYTHING. To the United States.

    • The UN has nothing to do with the United States regardless of what Obammie the criminal signed as he isn’t President anymore and he is looking at some serious criminal charges for his Maleficence while in office as his conduct, and illegal activity makes anything he signs Null and Void as he wasn’t acting in the best interest of this nation but rather of his Muslim Brotherhood and trying to help the Muslim Brotherhood to make this a Muslim Nation which they will and have failed. Obammie was and is and always will be a commie and a CRIMINAL who will never hold office again and Obamacare was his dream to leave a legacy for himself and if Trump has the will I know he has he will pull us out of the United Nations and tell them all to go straight to HELL.

    • Now I’m starting to see what O’Bama’s traveling has been about. We need to start screaming “LOGAN LAW” and get his actions against the President elect and our Country in front of a special council.

  2. They the UN wont allow it, How about we the taxpayers wont allow any US funding of an organization like the UN that is worthless and a waste of taxpayers dollars! Defund the UN 100%…..

    • The UN has never done anything but complain about the US in my life time. Throw them out of our country and use everything, money and buildings for our Veterans needs. We need the UN about as much as I need extra hole in my head. It’s time to let someone else pay for their upkeep.

      • Deborah you sound like you have way too many holes in your head already, freakin idiot! You think its perfectly ok to throw millions of people off their health care? I would guess you go to church every sunday probably?? True Christian, just like Jesus would do! NOT!

        • What do you call Healthcare you think people like paying premiums so high it gobbles up your own damn paycheck our brother not have health care it’s all a big money-making storm Obamacare is all does it take up taxpayers money and my paycheck and if you don’t take it they take even more on your tax returns tibia break stupid Obamacare I like the money making pyramid scheme

        • Thank you Wayne! I don’t think they read this correctly, or they can’t read! The U.N. is speaking for the ggod of this country! Repealing the healthcare system with something that is going to strip 24,000,000 people from healthcare is illegal! This article is stating that if Obamacare is repealed and replaced, it has to be replaced with something that will guarantee that everyone will have the right to affordable insurance, not make it impossible to have insurance! America is our great country! Every single American should have insurance: we can definitely afford it, when it is done properly, not “take from the poor and give to the rich!”

          • Obamacare didnt make sure of that!And the worthless UN has never spoken for or done any GOOD for this Nation!

          • Our government secures us from attacks and protects us during a war; is is our security blanket so to speak. It is not responsible to provide health insurance or any other insurance to us. We are capable;e of doing that ourselves. Your obviously are not a US citizens or you must be one of those who want us citizens to give you everything for free. I am not rich and on a very limited income, but I still raised a family and provided them with everything needed-never asked for a dime from our government or taxpayers. Outsiders- LEAVE US ALONE. We don’t need your help- Thanks and blessing to our President Donald Trump – we love you.

          • The United Nazis (UN) have no legal right to tell the USA what to do as relates to Foreign or Domestic Policy, that is the sole pervue of the Congress and the President. There is no provision in the United Nazis Charter that gives them that authority over the United States of America. And yes we do have the legal right to exit the UN, and likewise tell them to Vacate US Soil, again there is no provision in the UN Charter that can be enforced to keep us in the UN. Pray tell me what Military Force does the UN have, none, consider that in the USA we have just over 650,000 Federal, State, County, and Municipal Police, 2.5 Million Military Active, Guard and Reserve, 140 Million Gun Owners (Which constitutes the largest military force in the World) and of that 140 Million are some 25 Million Military Trained Combat Veterans, so all total comes roughly to 143,150,000 Armed and Trained personnel so please do tell me what Nation is going to risk sending their soldiers to the USA to try and force the US to stay in the UN. NONE.

          • Americans do not recognize the UN as our governing body… The fact that they have sent a letter to our President attempting to dictate our domestic policy is laughable and should speed up the process of dumping the UN and allow them to fend for themselves instead of living in the US… Obama doubled our debt with no sight of positives for the US or our people… All the major Insurance companies will have abandoned Obamacare by this time next year leaving 150,000,000 without insurance and nowhere to acquire it based on the failed structuring of the Obamacare health plan… it was designed to implode as it is doing. Obama was born in Kenya to an American mother and a still to this day Kenyan citizen for his father… According to the preamble of the Constitution, this disqualifies him from even running for President, therefore, invalidating any executive orders, deals with foreign nations, and deals with the UN… He was a fraud and a traitor to the American people… He should be arrested and tried and once convicted for his numerous crimes against America and Americans be lined up and shot as the traitor he is…

          • The POINT IS: Obamacare is bankrupt and imploding. No healthcare facility will accept it any more!! The U.S., the U.N., NOBODY can help THAT! You all (not me) USED IT TO DEATH and it imploded! The new healthcare bill will have to be PAID FOR and NOBODY wants to call it “Obamacare” because it reminds us of a FAILED system! Get it?

          • Yazmeen, over 30 million people lost their health ins because of obamacare. It is imploding. Most states have only one choice for ins & some are about to have none. Btw, no one has a “right” to health ins. Sure, we should try to make it possible for everyone but what about the guy who sits on his ass all day? I shouldn’t have to pay for his insurance. Congress is trying to create legislation that would make health ins affordable for anyone who wants to have it, it shouldn’t be forced on us like obamacare was. The poor have Medicaid so no one is without health care in this country.

          • Donna, you apparently have zero understanding of the us constitution. Obamacare is illegal. It is unconstitutionalfor the federal government to require the citizens to purchase ANY third party product.now go back to daddys basement and study up on us history and civil government.

          • Thank you! I couldn’t agree more! The UN is actually speaking up on behalf of the victims of a Republican plan. I can’t believe how many ignorant people are posting here with anger towards the UN, as if the UN is trying to dictate to us! Such fools. The UN is trying to protect our human rights just as they do for other countries.

          • Let me clear something up! the UN, although they would like to control us, has no authority. the American people are the victim of Obama care; let me explain how; it was written by deep state bureaucrats, it was not read by anyone in Congress, Creamer is now credited for writing 628 pages of Obamacare while he was in prison. Creamer is a senior Democratic operative who defrauded banks in order to keep his Marxist/Communist community organization afloat by engaging in 16 counts of bank and tax fraud. Creamer’s book is entitled, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.Democrats that to win complete control of America, they must “not just generate understanding, but emotion—fear, revulsion, anger, disgust”. He adds, “If the Democrats continue to stand firmly for immigrant rights, the issue will define immigrants’ voting loyalties for a generation. If we’re successful, we’ll have a gigantic block of progressive votes over the next 15 years, a block that could be decisive in the battle for the future.”And that is the FRAUD!

        • Health insurance IS NoT a right. It’s a choice. Dumbass. I can barely afford mine, and certainly can’t afford it for some welfare useless ass

          • Wouldn’t you appreciate not having to even have to have insurance? Don’t you think it would be better to leave the profits of insurance companies out of the equation, to not have to worry about payments, reimbursements, and slimey denials of coverage? Medicare for all is the best solution, whether you give a damn about others or not.

          • Yes, it is, but why? Because all they do is try to destroy it rather than fix what is wrong with it. It is not what Obama wanted, but, it was a start. In a country as great as the USA there is no excuse for anyone to go without proper health care. It is a right in every major civilized country in the world. Our present policies are actually more expensive than universal health care would be. There are none so blind, as those would would not see.

          • It’s not failing as badly as Republican’s would have us believe. They discredit it in order to promote their plan to repeal. They don’t want the gov’t to have anything to do with healthcare, but it’s the only way to prevent the never ending rising costs due to greed and bad management. Medicare works. Everyone should have that benefit!

        • They threw millions of people off of HealthCare to give coverage to those you speak of. The millions I speak of bought and paid for theirs. The millions you speak of the millions who lost it are the ones paying for the million you speak of.

        • Wayne, you are the idiot. You forget obama care got millions of Ameeican to lose thier existing healthcare, even die because they couod not afford, nor qualify for obamacare, tgat mainly suits illegals, and welfare families with an age limit excluding elderly, and toddlers. You must be really dumb. Lastly for you to bring Jesus, who threw the money oit of the temple, to compare with that socialist, commie muslim makes you one naive ignorant pos.

          • What muslim commie? You have quite an imagination and unwillingness to accept facts in favor of propaganda. You are the type who is easily ruled, easily fooled.

      • The UN is only interested in advancing the agenda of the left, in keeping with it’s Communist sister, the EU. The people of Britain recognised it for what it is and got out – America should do the same and leave the UN.

  3. Who do the un think they are they are going to tell president Trump what he can do and what they want allow so I guess this so called human rights commission and that is a joke when you think about the country that is in hell they treat women worse then annals but we can’t get rid of something that is die right now and the only people that is on is illegal and I have a hard time believing millions of people are on it get out of our business

  4. Get the UN out. They have absolutely no say in our country. This is treason. We want these foreign nations out now. They don’t tell us what to do. This is war people. It is time to escort them out now.

    • That doesn’t stop them from convincing people they do. As if the UN were in any position to preach to the USA. Their “declaration of Human Rights” doesn’t even include the right to speak freely or bear arms. The UN has revealed its true tyrranical nature. World Communist Government. Get them OUT of the USA.

    • Its not fake, the un did in fact state that ending obamacare would be illegal. They seem to think they have power over us, which they do NOT.

  5. The United States must pull out of the United Nations, and expel the United Nations from the United States. The organization has proven itself useless, and what’s worse antithetical to personal liberties, national sovereignty, and our national constitution. In addition to pulling out of the United Nations, President Trump should invite all the significant nations of the world (our allies) to found a new international organization dedicated to national sovereignty, borders, free enterprise, open trade, cooperation, and peace. This would take the wind out of the sails of the United Nations and leave it as a meaningless shell. And, in all its future decrees–render it insignifiant and impotent.

    • Well said John G. Bolton. I have said for a long time that we can’t really be united with countries that don’t share our values as many in the UN do not. A new organization made up of our true allies with similar Christian values would be a good thing as long as they don’t decide they have the right to tell the US how to run our own country.
      Obamacare caused millions of people that were paying for their own healthcare to lose it so that those that could not pay could have it. That is not right. I’m sorry that some can’t afford healthcare, I was one of them most of my life but I never thought it was other people’s responsibility to pay my way. When some 20 million people lost their healthcare and their doctor because of Obamacare they just said that was a tiny minority so no big deal. Now that it’s the ones that are not paying their own way that may lose it it’s a big deal. They need to find another way to help the poor get medical care. For one thing the cost of medical care in this country is ridiculous, do something about that instead of just messing around with insurance. If the costs were more reasonable maybe more people could afford to pay for their own healthcare.

    • John, right on point! As if the UN were in any position to preach to the USA. Their “declaration of Human Rights” doesn’t even include the right to speak freely or bear arms. The UN has revealed its true tyrranical nature. World Communist Government. Get them OUT of the USA.

  6. Pres. Trump,
    I believe it is time to pull out of the United Nations. When an organization feels it had the authority to tell us what to do, they have gone way beyond just stepping over their authority.

  7. Somebody needs to tell them we have an American President again, who, unlike Obama, has no intention of cowtailing to the UN

  8. Drown ’em in the East River, and send their staff of spies to Guantanamo. Turn ’em over to our 72 Virgin Dating Service.

  9. Human Rights my big old hairy butt. This is America and an American decision. Tell the U.N. to go f**k themselves and withdraw immediately. Money sucking vampyres, anyway.

  10. We need to stay in the UN to keep up with what they are doing. Our voice counts. We need only to pay our share, no more and no less. If we don’t already charge rent, we should.

  11. I guess I don’t understand why this is a good thing. If it’s all true, and I don’t know that it is, why would we object to the UN pointing out the US would be in violation of obvious agreements we have made. Do we not side with human rights?? The only ones I can see disagreeing are those, like most Repubs. and Trump supporters because for whatever reason. Someone please explain to me the negative for the UN doing something the US would do(under normal circumstances) for other countries and defend their human rights.

      • Actually, the US funds a percentage of nearly all the members of the UN which is totally unfair to the US… We should withdraw in all forms our association with the UN as it is governed by Sharia Law which is contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America Corporation… We will then see just how long this organization who dares to interfere in our National Business stays afloat, I give them less than a year before they go upside down…

      • Mary, we do not adhere too any principles of the UN or their treaties, unless Congress ratifies them by a 2/3 vote. So don’t talk about things you know nothing about! If we wanted to kick them out of the US we would. They would be lost, I mean after all they are living and working in a
        brand new building free of charge, built by Americans and funded by Americans and secured by Americans(taxpayers dollars)!

    • Mr. Coxen, I will attempt to explain as succinctly as possible the problem with taking direction from a foreign body such as the UN… Number one the US has paid our way and a percentage of most of the nations belonging to the UN since it inception…Number two… The governing law for the UN is Sharia Law. Once the UN enters into a country they no longer recognize the indigenous laws of that country and force everyone to obey Sharia Law… The fact of the matter is that unknown to most of the Democrats and liberals of our nation the agenda of the alt left is to turn our sovereign nation over to the UN in order to make it an Islamic State governed by the New World Order in the UN…I would like to simply suggest that you read the Quran and go online to edify yourself to the point of making a better-informed decision on whether you wish to be a Globalist or a Nationalist… For me, I will never renounce my God as a Christian and I will never submit to Sharia Law…I hope what I have written and shared with you is of some assistance with your question…have a great life!!!

  12. Omigosh!! The ignorance and stupidity of the people who are commenting is just breathtaking ??! Y’all have no FUCKING CLUE!!

  13. Why can’t there ever be a discussion about issues like this without name-calling or bashing in any way? Issues as important as health care should be discussed, without bullying or labeling! You can respectfully disagree with someone, state your reason, and forward the discussion in a positive way! Everyone living in America wants to see this country succeed, beieve it or not! The only way this is going to happen, is if we work together! I for one, would like to read reasons why some think this isn’t a good thing, in a respectful manner.

    • Yazmeen Here Here I agree in total with your assessment and our need for dialog in order to fix the problems with our health care… Simply calling someone a vulgar name does not solve the problems we have with the health care currently imploding in our nation… the fact that all of the major insurance companies are abandoning Obamacare should be red flag enough to bring to the table ideas to rectify the situation…

  14. Unlike most of the Alt-Right, racist and bigoted Trump supporters, I believe in civil discourse. I also believe in a good education. EVERY one of the anti-UN, Pro-Trump comments here are full of misspellings, grammatical mistakes and hate. What they lack in punctuation, intelligence and style, they make up for with bullshit. Regurgitating Republican propaganda and rhetoric. Morons.

  15. This article is an ignorant piece of shit. The fucking UN is doing whats right and if Trump is trying to repeal obamacare and take affordable healthcare away, then fuck that. And all of you going against this and me can kiss my ass. The UN should have stepped in long ago against trump and I’m glad they are now. Fuck everybody. Down with trump and down with his piece of shit plan to take affordable healthcare away. And fuck you ignorant trump supporters!

  16. Trump is nothing but a narcissist, psychopathic baby. Sick man, and I feel bad for everyone that voted for him. Y’all are fucking stupid.

  17. Anything that screws up Trump’s ridiculously anti-constitutional, pro-religious agenda is fine with me. The United Nations is spot on. The people have spoken and they want to keep Obamacare. F**k Trump.

  18. And just who the fuck cares what the hell the rest of the word thinks!! Just shows you how close to a one world government we are. We as Americans need to make sure the travel ban and this one world government doesn’t come to this country! This is what Obama does while he is flying around the world, getting other people involved in our business. Every one go out and buy a gun.

  19. hey chill out guys God has already has taken care of it his way afterall the christians are gone the antichrist takes over for 7 years then Christ and us christians come back riding white horses and the God speaks ahd all the bad are dead God has a strong sword its his breath and they die their eyes will fall out of their sockets and their skins will rot off of them right where they stand and they will spendeternity in HELLthen we have control of earth then those who escaped the tribulation will have to follow Gods rule then they will either follow God or they follow SATAN and they will be destroyed by God


  21. I would love to see the UN try coming in here and force their shit on us. Beside the US military would be millions of gun owners ready to hand their asses to them.

  22. I’m sorry, but the U.N. doesn’t run this Country.
    This is a vountry 5gat’s suposed to be run by the people of the United States BY The people of the United States of America.

    What a treasonus Individual, such as Barak Hussen Obama, does on the way out of being the president does NOT make anyone outside of the United States our ruelers!!!
    This example should be the crowning jewel in convicting Obama on his many acts of treason to the citizens if the United States.

    The I N can kiss our collecive butts!
    Obamacare was illegally forced ipon us by the treasonus Obama admin and needs to be overturned! So butt out of our healthcare isdue, U.N. it os a U.S.A matter, not a world affare!!!?

  23. I’m sorry, but the U.N. doesn’t run this Country.
    This is a country that’s supposed to be run by the people of the United States for The people of the United States of America.

    What a treasonus Individual, such as Barak Hussen Obama, does on the way out of being the president does NOT make anyone outside of the United States our ruelers!!!
    This example should be the crowning jewel in convicting Obama on his many acts of treason to the citizens of the United States.

    The U.N. can kiss our collecive butts!
    Obamacare was illegally forced upon us by the treasonus Obama admin and needs to be overturned! So butt out of our healthcare issue, U.N. it is a U.S.A matter, not a world affare!!!?

  24. Not quite sure what they can do about it, as we still have the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment.

  25. The UN has become the haven for countries which do not share our values, morals, standards and ethical conduct… They support the Global narrative and not the Nationalist narrative… We do not recognize the UN’s alleged authority in our nation… Obama did sign in the form of executive orders the following just so we are all on the same page…1. He signed an executive order allowing neigh requesting that the UN deploy troops and military equipment at the behest of Loretta Lynch in November of 2015 to combat growing civil unrest by a terrorist (which at the time simply did not exist)…In 2016 he signed another executive order giving the UN permission to deploy their drones in American airspace and legitimized the UN to engage their drones against American Citizens on American soil without provocation… Just prior to his leaving on Jan. 2017 Obama addressed the UN and virtually handed the United States of America Corporation over to the UN for governing stating that we are too stupid to do it ourselves and that we need to give up liberties so that the world could be governed by the New World Order with one government for the entire world… Fortunately for America and Americans, it turns out that President Trump was correct with his assertion that Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the US… He was born to an American Mother and a Kenyan Citizen father in Kenya… the fact of the matter is that the name of the Hospital on the fraudulent HI birthing certificate did not exist until an entire year after he was born… When he was born it was a midwife clinic…According to the preamble of our Constitution, this disqualifies him from ever even running for President let alone fraud his way through eight years as one… Therefore all executive orders, bills signed into law, rules, deals with foreign nations, and especially any and all illegal matters with the UN are therefore null and void as he is disqualified to be President of the United States of America Corporation… Everything Obama thought he has done has no validity to it because he lied his way into office… WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORP. DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE UN AS OUR GOVERNING BODY, PARTNER, OR IN ANY FASHION, AND DO NOT ALLOW YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD IN OUR RUNNING OF NATIONAL BUSINESS…YOU MAY HAVE SENT OUR PRESIDENT THIS LETTER OF NOTIFICATION, BUT THE SIMPLE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT IT IS WE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CHARGE OF OUR NATION…OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS HAVE BEEN DESIGNATED CHARGE TO RUN THE DAY TO DAY BUSINESS FOR THE PEOPLE AND WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE UN AS A VIALBEL AUTHORITY OVER OUR SOVEGIN NATION TO DEMAND, COMMAND OR EVEN REQUEST THAT WE SUBSCRIBE TO THE UN’S DECREES, RULES, DEMANDS, OR ANY LAW GOVERNING THE UN… ADDITIONAL ATTEMPTS TO INTERFERE IN OUR NATIONAL BUSINESS WILL RESULT IN THE PUBLIC OUR CRY FOR THE EXPULSION OF THE UN FROM US SOIL AND OUR IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWILL FROM THE UN AND ALL FINANCIAL SUPPORT WHICH GOES WITH THAT… WE THE PEOPLE STRONGLY URGE THAT YOU DO NOT MISTAKE OBAMA’S INABILITY TO FACE ADVERSITY AS AN AMERICAN AND APPLY IT TO AMERICANS. YOU WILL BE GREATLY SURPRISED AT OUR RESOLVE AND CONVICTION TO DEFEND OUR NATION AND OUR PEOPLE… PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT OBLIGATED TO SHARE THE LETTER YOU SENT HIM WITH ANYONE OR THING BUT THE SHEDDER, AS THAT IS HOW MUCH WEIGHT IT BEARS… SO SIT DOWN AND REST YOUR NECK UN, BEFORE IT GETS STEPPED ON!!!

  26. Since when have we – or any of the corrupt and murderous vampires we support and enable around the world – given a shit about International Law?

  27. The UN is a Muslim terrorist organization we must cut off all funds and get them off our soil. Obama and Obama care are illegal…

  28. I say, let’s take the money we give to the U N and use it to pay for our healthcare needs. When they object, we tell them they can’t object because it would violate human rights.

  29. If the public is going to be “alerted, and alarmed,” it should be over our county’s determination to sink to third-world status or below.

  30. Plain and simple, they are the enemy within our border, been trying to kick their Muslim asses out of the US, since the 80’s, taxpayers give them billions of our hard earned dollars, and then are expected to give “our fair share” to the United way, which is a scam, as the monies go directly to the UN.we are the only country that does this. We are being scammed by them. Every frigging day, thanks to, the socialist democratic party. We were warned about them, and paid no heed to the warning. Time to kick their asses out of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


  32. You imbecils are a joke.every country u listed has more human rights violations than all of history combined. Venezuelan loafs of bread 50$ a loaf, saudi arabia mutilation of women and children. The games up. Down with United Nations. We pay all your bills so shut the fuck up.you bunch of moochers. Get a job assholes.idont care if you do share

  33. Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers introduced The American Sovereignty Resolution Act of 2016 (H. R. 1205) that would end all funding to the UN and all of its agencies — with the estimated savings to taxpayers reaching into the billions per year, and potentially even more. The legislation also aims to end all U.S. military involvement in UN military “peacekeeping” schemes and ban U.S. troops from serving under UN command. Finally, the bill would seek to evict the UN and its dictator-infested headquarters from U.S. soil. It would also ban any use of American government facilities by the global outfit, while stripping UN bureaucrats and dignitaries of diplomatic immunity.
    The UN wants all countries to outlaw gun ownership for individuals, they are pushing climate change and insisting every country take in muslims. No one supported this bill and it failed!

  34. The UN has no sayso in American Affairs and if they ever put a Blue Helmet on American Soil, we will use it to sight in our millions of weapons! USA OUT OF UN NOW! Defund that Leftist Globalist Sewer and kick them from USA Soil! Let them go leech off their Muslim Masters! Piss on the UN, Useless Nations!

  35. As long as we, THE USA, have veto power, we need to stay in the UN. They have no power over the members of the security council. We on the other hand, can influence the UN by withholding our payments. Remember, the UN needs the USA more than the USA needs the UN.

  36. Yeah because the USA has never meddled with the domestic policy of other countries…
    If you have signed international conventions it is not “attempting to dictate our domestic policy” that a new policy might violate that obligation. You are very good at telling other countries what to do…you even send soldiers if they do not comply with YOUR world view. Well, at least if they have oil. Don´t be a crybaby when the rest of the world expects you to live up to conventions you have signed. Or are you not men of your words?

  37. Let’s be honest for a moment: They can’t do anything about it. The United States is a nuclear superpower, and if the history of the USSR, North Korea, and China are any indicator, nuclear powers of any type are pretty much free to do whatever they want. We can make, or repeal pretty much any law we want, and they cannot stop us.

  38. But those fat dullards were OK with 2.6 to 10.5 million working taxpayers having their medical insurance discontinued under Odildocare weren’t they?

  39. Thats total bullshit and FAKE NEWS. Since when can the U.N. dictate Domestic policy to the United States. Funny how the USA was not breaking any human rights before Obama care came into existence so if it no longer exists we are back to where we were 9 years ago. Total BS.

  40. The unmitigated gall of these arrogant Marxists, globalists, and far left bastards at the U.N. Kick them out of NYC and do not give them one more dime of taxpayer dollars.

  41. A lot of attacking and name calling gets us even closer to the end of ALL this! Division is what our enemies want. However, the UN seems to be dominated by those that want a “NEW WORLD ORDER”. So, you folks that “trash” my Religion and Bible should enjoy it while you can. The “NEW WORLD ORDER” will strip us ALL of every liberty and freedom we have. And, it won’t be distributed as “one for ALL”. Religion, speech, money, property, everything will be “ALL for one”. That’s only MY thoughts!

  42. This statement by UN human rights commission is a joke. Contact President Obama and Hillery Clinton for their monetary donations to the cause.Hell will freeze over before either one would actually donate a significant amount of their personal funds to any cause,which doesn’t provide a direct political refund.

  43. The UN has no right to tell this country what it can and cannot do. The UN human rights commission is a joke especially with Saudi Arabia at the helm. That country would not know a human right if it hit them in their camel humping asses….

  44. To the UN (which stands for United Nations (most of who do not have the freedoms that we have in the USA. We the citizens of the USA can’t hear you. We are too busy trying our best to govern our country the way we want it to be.

  45. Screw the UN they don’t run are country. Maybe they should address when your in a foreign country and you cannot get medical treatment even if it is life threating without cash first!!!!! address that issue first!!!!

  46. Fuck the U.N. USA should be removing all ties to this MUSLIM, COMMUNIST run organization, you do realize that every country mentioned here has the worst recorded history for their inhumanity treatment of their people on this planet and around this world, China, Cuba, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. They shot people for just asking for help or aid.

  47. Why are there a bunch of young boys lining the steps behind in the background? Does anyone else find that odd?


    • “WE THE PEOPLE” OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (SOVEREIGN) ARE TAKING (BACK) OUR NATION FROM THE *DARK-SIDE* OF THE *PAST 8 YEARS*. THANK YOU GOD. (see Red Map – Election Results Landslide by *counties*) 90% of America turned RED!

  49. What about the rest of us who had insurance but lost it when Obamacare destroyed the market? I have had no less than FIVE insurance companies go belly up on me since and now have no coverage while my tax dollars are paying for deadbeats to have theirs. Bullshit. Kill this fucking thing.

  50. I find it interesting that sex slaves, raping children, killing Christians and anyone not Muslim is OK. No Human Rights Violations there. The UN is 90% Muslim Countries and they are doing all they can to destroy this country. Even our last Presidents goal was to turn the US into a third world Muslim Country.

  51. Bwahahahaha! Who da fuq do those NON-American #libtards think they are? they can go fuq themselves. OLoserCare is going BYE BYE!

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