Holy Crap … After Years Of Construction The US Navy Unleashes Their First ‘Colossal Supercarrier’ [VIDEO]

Just recently China launched it’s first domestically made aircraft carrier.

This new carrier is considered to be a huge upgrade compared to the Liaoning.

Analysts claim the “launch is largely symbolic for China and that the ship still lags a considerable distance behind the carriers operated by the U.S. Navy. However, China has now become one of only a handful of countries to launch an indigenous carrier and more are likely to follow.”

The United States just released an aircraft they have been working hard to complete and use to create protection against our enemies.

According to altdrudge,

 The first of a new class of supercarriers has arrived to keep the waters of the world a safer place. The USS Gerald R. Ford has completed construction and has launched for builders trials to evaluate its performance.

Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ridge Leoni/Released
Named after President Gerald Ford this first-of-class supercarrier has spent the past four years under development nearly ready for service. This is the first of planned Ford-class supercarrier and testing on the open ocean has started to see how its design should influence the other nine upcoming supercarriers.

“The Navy and our industry partners are excited to have the future USS Gerald R. Ford underway under her own power for the first time, executing a rigorous and comprehensive test program for this first-of-class ship.”

– Rear Admiral Brian Antonio (Aircraft Carrier Program Executive Officer)

Newport News/US Navy

The Ford-class supercarrier has come under scrutiny by the armed forces committee for going $2 billion over budget and essentially being designed while it was under construction. Despite the controversial construction it is shaping up to be a very impressive vessel. Check out the first glimpse of the USS Gerald R. Ford in this clip, courtesy of the US Navy.

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