Video: Out Of All The Deviled Egg Recipes I’ve Tried, His Recipe Is The Best, Hands Down

Ahhh…who doesn’t enjoy a good deviled egg? Whether it be at a family gathering or just a snack to have on hand at home, the protein-packed tasty treat is loved by all. And fairly easy to make. All you have to do is boil a batch of eggs, cut the cooled eggs in half, and mix the yokes up with mayo, mustard salt, and pepper. Then fill up the egg white halves and you are ready to serve. Oh and, don’t forget a dash of paprika sprinkled on top of the fresh yoke-filled eggs. Then, pop in your mouth and enjoy the savory snack! Heck, you can even make a meal out of those devilish little eggs if you really want to.

While this recipe for deviled eggs has been a conventional holiday appetizer for years, as with all traditions, there have been various twists placed on the snack. Every now and then someone will show up to a party with a non-traditional deviled egg formula. Some have incorporated smoked salmon, bacon, salsa and even lobster! Over the years, it has almost become a competition to see who can make the most unique deviled eggs.

But there is one unique deviled egg recipe that has people’s taste buds spinning out of control!

It’s the addition of “Slawsa!”

Founded on the hit show Shark Tank, the product known as Slawsa, which as the name states, is the combination of coleslaw and salsa. And it comes in original, spicy and fire catering to all the unique palates. The popular slaw/salsa mix was invented by Julie Busha, who had originally brought the condiment to life years ago. It wasn’t until years later that the mix became a hit on Shark Tank and is spreading its popularity in homes everywhere.

All you do is mix together your typical deviled egg ingredients and throw in some Slawsa to add a spicy, tangy flavor. Chef Jack shows us how it’s done in the video below.

First of all, you are going to boil a dozen eggs. The perfect way to do this is by placing the eggs in a pot on the stove, bring the water to a rolling boil and immediately shut the heat off. Let the eggs sit for twelve minutes. You will then make an “ice bath” for the freshly boiled eggs. Fill a bowl with water and some ice, before transferring one egg at a time from the heat and over to the ice bath. After they sit for a bit, it’s time to peel them. The shells should slide right off with this technique.

Then, as usual, you will slice the eggs in half and gently empty the yokes out with a spoon. Place the yokes in a bowl and set the whites on a plate.

Mash those yokes together and toss in 3/4 cup of the Slawsa of your liking (if you’re not a fan of spice, then stick with the original flavor).

Add a quarter cup of mayo into the bowl and mix away.

Now, take one scoop of the slaw/yoke mix and fill the whites evenly.

Finally, take a pinch of paprika and sprinkle the spice on the top of the eggs. And top with a mini leaf of cilantro.


The fitting title of the new recipe is: Slawsome Deviled Eggs.

Source: The best deviled egg recipe hands down by internetroi on Rumble

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