HERE IT IS! That Viral NRA Video That Is Shutting Down The Democrat Party [SHARE THIS!!]

Liberals are freaking out over a video released by NRA TV.

Navy SEAL and NRA commentator Dom Raso, Jr. lays out the truth about the organized anarchy in America today in a video which includes footage from the “liberal resistance” and asks:

“What are you resisting?”

Liberals don’t like it when a mirror is held up and they’re forced to acknowledge their horrific behavior? Maybe their reaction is indicative of what happens when you give everyone a participation trophy and declare everyone winners. When you get to the real world, the reality is that contests, competitions, and elections have a winner – and a loser – and you have to learn how to appropriately deal with them both.

In the full video, Raso warns of the organized anarchy in America led by people who hate our president and those who support him. With obstructionist politicians putting American security at risk in exchange for a cheering crowd and a photo opp, the media spewing false information and celebrities giving speeches about oppression.

It’s time to “cut the crap,” Raso says in the 5-minute video posted on YouTube.

WATCH the full video here and let us know: Do you agree with this message? CONSERVATIVE POST

52 Comments on HERE IT IS! That Viral NRA Video That Is Shutting Down The Democrat Party [SHARE THIS!!]

  1. Thank you for your service Dom Raso, Jr. That being said, I will not tolerate a so called “president” who promotes misogyny. …”I just grab them by the pu**y when ever I want to” Dom, you are a fool if you think this guy is good for USA. He shoves Moldavian President out of his way? real Presidential Dom. He decides what media outlets that can come to press conferences? Remind you of anything Dom? Did you fight to protect that kind of activity? I don’t think so. I think you found every single protest that had any sort of violence in it, so good for you Dom. What about the embarrassment we must endure each time drumpf opens his mouth? He has the emotional growth of a 5-year-old child. OH.. not my fault…he started it. He started it. Real presidential Dom, right? You keep comparing protests here with atrocities in other countries. Really Dom? Please open your eyes. There is no comparison. Cut the crap, Dom. It is trumplethinskin that is the real danger here. Why do you think he won’t release his taxes, Dom? If there is nothing there, why not release them, Dom? Instead of “draining the swamp”, he filled it right up. A billionaire woman in charge of education who doesn’t believe in the public school system. A man in charge of HUD who’s only qualification is that he has lived in a house? This is the kind of thing we are resisting, Dom. Resisting in any way we can. Wake up and smell the shit. I can tell that you’re a smart and courageous guy. Put some of that to use instead of pandering to the NRA. What has the NRA really done for you, Dom? The NRA, really? This mutt we have in the white house now is just plain dangerous. Embarrassing and dangerous. He has no idea what he is doing. The dangerous part is, he doesn’t know it. He’s an egomaniac with narcissistic tendencies. He needs to go and take that racist bozo Pence with him. Sorry Dom, but I am sure you are capable of better.

    • Mark Crane, you’ve been watching too much news. They are all controlled by the powers that be. No less than three Presidents have made statements that there is a power behind the government and that it controls both parties. Trump wasn’t supposed to happen. Crooked Hillary was. Most media are controlled too. It is sickening that the electoral college did its job and crybabies and people that do not understand the constitution cant handle it. I have seen too much proof that obummer was an illegal resident of this country and was put into power to further their agenda.

    • Don’t bother with fFake thank you’s to our Veterans… You are a non appreciate jackass who knows not a dam thing going on in this country…

    • Mark Crane, you should really be the POSTER CHILD of this video memorized the message. Your language is utterly perfect left and correct! When you grow up and sit your child down and explain how we lost our country all your hate jargon will be gone. Then you are responsible for speaking the truth and admitting you learned the whole truth at a later stage of life. It will be a very sad day for you.

      • Amen brother! It’s so sad seeing so many uniformed well meaning people on the left who just can’t see the truth. The left did a great job infiltrating media and much of higher education. Thank God all their brainwashing tricks are finally being ecposed and people are getting back to thinking instead of feeling and just reacting.

    • Hahaha…they you better renounce all Kennedys …the Clintons…including Hillary who went after all the women that accused Bill of rape – so thrilled however to know that as a male you have never engaged in any talk like that,because it could appear years later like it did with Trump. You are a sterling example of appropriate male behavior and we should all be proud of you. Maybe you could teach NFL, NBA, politician and all Muslims how to behave correctly.

    • look man your entitled to you beliefs even though your way off man as a NRA member and a vet I have to say with all due respect you are so wrong!

    • So how do u feel about Bill Clinton. Was he your president? How did you feel about J FK? Do you consider him as a president? How about LBJ? I can continue naming presidents who had nooooooooooooooo respect for women!!!! Trump is not a saint but if you don’t accept him as President start scratching off many other presidents.

      • Great comeback. What about former president rapist Bill Clinton? It is amazing the brainwashed keeping their heads in the sand. Will they ever wake up and see reality?

    • Are YOU capable of BETTER? You must be a CNN devotee. 93% negative news against Trump, according to the Harvard study. Fox News had a 52% negative rating. Where do you think you can get fair and balanced news? Open your eyes and your mind. Trump has done some great things so far…look at your stocks or 401K. You must love THOSE numbers.

    • Mark, where have you been? Don’t be hiding under a rock. The last pres was un-American.
      Facts, He released thousands of illegal criminals back on to the streets in America. Brought thousands of radical muslims into America. Released thousands of felon criminals from federal prisons. He stopped ICE Agents from deporting illegal criminals by the thousands. He released hundreds of hard-war criminals from Gitmo to return to fight Americans in battles. He dropped more bombs on innocent women and children than any modern day president. He traded 5 Taliban commanders for a military deserter. He started more wars than he inherited. He and Hillary destroyed the Libyan country. He gave billions to terrorist Iran. He was at war his whole 8-yr term than any American president. He allowed men into women’s restroom and lockers. I could go on but you would get bored reading about your failed Democrat party.
      Learn & Grow up, Mark!

    • You’re as delusional as the media has allowed. Keep this in mind, President Trump has more female executives than any company, hired the first female to ever build a skyscraper, has the first female to ever win a presidential campaign, etc, etc. You might want to look into the light to actually see the light.

      • This is correct and it is never mentioned, talked about. It is so admirable that 30 years ago POTUS gave responsibility without regard to gender to run huge construction projects.

    • Well I don’t know where to start. I won’t recap Obama’s nightmare reign. Given the choice of a billionaire who has fought his way up the chain to achieve a lot and a lying, greedy, soulless woman who has committed crime after crime and never had to pay the price? Not much of a choice. Hillary is a polarizing figure and, once she aligned herself with Obama, became even more polarizing. Middle America has lost jobs, faced more and more regulation, to the point of closing down their businesses, farms, ranches etc. They want and need relief. Hillary did not offer that. Easy choice under these circumstances. As for Betsy DeVos she’s correct. Public schools are a mess. They no longer teach history, math in an understandable fashion, basically the three R’s. Instead they have become indoctrination centers for social reform. I have no idea where you live or work but I strongly suggest you get out of the city and wander through middle America. It is populated by people who have suffered the last 8 years and saw no hope in Mrs. Clinton. They truly voted for Hope and Change and we will get it.

      • Well said, thank you. Keep wondering what year these people live in. Where had they been when Hillary caused Benghazi deaths and destruction in Libya. The Syrian mess that she and Obama contributed too hugely. And a liar, a murderer, thief stealing billions from the Haitian relief effort. No soul, no remorse, no caring for America or Americans. How can anyone support her? How can anyone not support Pres Trump in his efforts to do what Americans asked him to do?

    • Trump joked about grabbing by the cucha, Bill Clinton not only grabbed but RAPED numerous women while Hillary did her damnedest to destroy said women! Get your head out of your culo & discontinue smelling your flatulence as it has obviously damaged your brain!

    • Amazing how the many accomplishments and promises kept by Pres Trump not mentioned but a 20 yr old remark that many men say. Pushing a pres out of the way; come on now what are your priorities? Want lower taxes? Want your parents and other people to have jobs? Want to keep America safe. Be smart, open your ears.

    • I cannot believe how anyone could be so thoughtlessly stupid. Yes Trump said grab em by the p’sy but he loves our country, and our people, even dimwits like you. You don’t deserve the country he’s creating in spite of your obstructionist moronic lunacy. Thank God that evil pu$$y wasn’t elected or we’d have idiots like Antifa, and evil Islamist like Osama running our country. If you don’t like it, leave.

    • You can’t possibly be that ignorant. I have nine brothers and I’ve heard locker room bravado that would curl your snowflake ears, 99% of which was wishful thinking. Are you prepared to answer for everything you might have said and did 20 years ago.

      Instead you prefer a glib talking, bold faced lying Muslim president whose records are seamed back to kindergarten level.

    • Go feed your unicorn.
      Somebody confiscate the Book of Adjectives from the commies, Soros must pay them extra for throwimg as many as possible at President Trump.
      It is obvious they don’t understand the words they are spewing.
      Also, never has a billionaire hired 32,000 “community organizers” to defeat a President.
      That calls for a little of Barry’s “special rendition” in my book, it is called “sedition”.

    • Mark, Have you ever said something that forever defined you in a negative light with someone? Chances are that person didn’t like you to begin with and only used it to disparage you to otherd. MSM doesn’t like Trump because his politics are interfearing with the Progressive agenda. You don’t like Trump for the same reason and would admitt it if honest. If somebody is going to lie about you and cast you in the worst possible light because they don’t agree with you would you give them the same access as someone who treats you fairly? I doubt you would unless you’re a masochist. Trump’s is showing evidence of mental health by avoiding the mis-characterization. If you were honest you’d admitt that too. But you are not honest. You are a Progressive steeped in the ways of sophomoric Sophistry. Lay off the Kool Aid.

  2. I comepletely agree! I pray that others will stand and agree also??My grandson was killed in Afghanistan seven years ago. He was nineteen years old. Thank you for speaking out for all of us!!!!.

    • Nancy, so sorry for your loss, and I believe those who are doing what the anrachist are doing need to be sent to these communist terrorist countries to serve and if they make it back see what they have to say then.

      • Pegiety-I agree! I think these anarchists have too much time (most dont work)and too little knowledge.I had one try to tell me the late great Dr.Martin Luther King “could NOT have been a Republican” and that “the klan was certainly not democrats”!! I set them to research the truth(King WAS a republican & the klan WERE democrats.There is a lot of ignorance among the liberals.The colleges “waste” very little time actually teaching,sad to say.Anyway i truly believe that all young citizens at twenty yrs old should have to serve mandatorily in military service.They would get reality,scruples and a great work ethic something these screwed up youth are so lacking in.We had the draft before.We need it now.

  3. Mr. Crane, you have been watching too much CNN,MSNBC, & the rest of the drive-by media. You mention Mr Trump’s choice of the news ppl. he invites to press room, I don’t blame him, they’re all fake news except maybe Fox. What do you dems. have against billionaires or rich ppl. in general, could it be that you are a marxist/socialist/commie who believes the small elite should be in charge of all the money, & the small elite decides who it is distributed to. You have your undies in a knot because the head of Education is a billionaire, I have no trouble with that as long as she is paying what IRS requires.I’m sure you would like for it all to go to the few elite who in socialist/commie governments control ALL the money, look at Valenzuela now, if you think this commie utopia is so great.I also hope she starts teaching some patriotism in our schools & American Exceptionalism instead of this multiculturalism, globalist, everyone is equal B/S. We are all different & have different abilities that needs to be developed, each one to his own potential, instead of thus saith the party.The part about grabbing a woman by her pu**y is intolarable I think, but you have to look at when he said it & to whom he said it, he was a young man, spouting off at the mouth, to another young man.Most men have said things [they thought were in private, they would be embarrassed if they were made public] they would not want broadcast over national TV. I could go on, mostly, a lot of ppl. were not really happy with Mr. Obama either, in fact I think a lot of us had the same feelings towards him, you have towards Mr. Trump. Bottom line is, the dems., millenials [millidiots] cannot get over Mr Trump winning. I had to get over having a muslim/socialist/commie for 8 yrs., so I say, grin & bear it. At least I know Mr Trump loves this country & wants to make it great again, of course I’m aware that is not what Hilary had in mind at all.

    • Fox has been fake since Day one in response to the George Bush 2000 election. Don’t u question why so many bad things happen to ppl on Fox?

    • The ONLY reason Slick and Hillary are NOT billionaires is she wasn’t elected to sell her country to the highest bidder. “Dead broke” when the left the White House (with the silverware!)and HUNDREDS og millions 20 yrs later with nothing but a “foundation”? Not to mention daughters multimillion dollar wedding and apartment! With a failed hedge fund husband? Nothing to see here folks!

  4. I do not comprehend what happened but my post in response to Mr.Crane did not get posted. No, it wasn’t rude or crude or insulting. I just wanted him to realize that in America we have the right to form our own opinions about things. We are not a socialist/commie country [ yet ] where the ppl. are told what to think, say, & can & cannot do. I felt the same way about Mr Obama as he does about Mr Trump. Get over your losses, I did.

  5. This guy crane is a typical liberal, drinking the cool aid,and doesn’t know when a president(non-politician)is trying to return this country to it was before Obummer ruined it,it’s going to take a few more years to see how much his policies screwed this country!Heeven screwed his own people hope they wise up and see the Dems are only interested in there votes,he only set race relations back 50yrs,and more police officers were killed in his 8yrs,than Back in the 70s. Billy P.

  6. Thanks Dom, from a fellow Veteran. I was a Navy Gunner’s Mate. I served 2 volunteer enlistments beginning on Aug 1, 1968. All Military Service DEMANDS personal sacrifice from anyone who TAKES THE OATH. I think that EVERY ABLE-BODIED ADULT should have to serve in some type of REGIMENTED NATIONAL SERVICE, which requires the time, physical training, organizational experience, and teamwork experience, and DEDICATION AND LOYALTY to SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF that are the very basic elements of Miltary Service. I think such a requirement of AMERICAN YOUTH would go a long way towards eliminiating a lot of the stupidity and irresponsible actions we are seeing our country subjected to. I think that a college education should be denied anyone and everyone who is able-bodied yet refuses to SERVE, and SERVE FIRST. I would like to know your opinion on this matter.

    • As another NAVY Viet-Nam Era Veteran I totally agree with you. I have been saying the same thing for 50 years! Just think how great our country would be if every citizen did their part and respected what it stands for instead of the selfish crybaby millennial wimps that think they have all the answers without ever sacrificing in their entire lives.

      • ALL CITIZENS? Including billionaires, homosexuals, transgender, non-whites, and women???!!! WOW! Sadly, I get the impression many of those citizens ain’t so welcome anymore… ousted by EO, of course. ☺️

    • I dont know his but i think the mandatory service idea is long overdue.I AM the widow and daughter of two fine Viet Nam veterans,though and very proud of them both.My husband was in munitions and my dad was a medic during the Korean War also.He also served in the USN(Navy for those who dont know)Both men had great characters and they admitted they acquired them mainly from God and the military.These liberal youth are literally screaming for this whether they know it or not.

  7. You can see by some of the comment’s that our veteran is 100% correct !!!! We do not have to like all the thing’s about our president but I like what he stands for 100% !!!!!

  8. I think Mr. Crane must live in Hollywood with all of the other disillusioned pathetic losers who just can’t believe that the majority of Americans are tired of the socialist,Liberal, policies of the Democratic Party. I wear my MAGA cap proudly, and I would love to shake the hand of a man like Dom. We need many more just like him. Even if you didn’t Vote for Trump he is the President of the United States and he deserves the respect that goes with that office and responsibility.

  9. I pray others will see this and understand how far we have gotten away from the America we grew up in. Not everything was perfect but we had respect for our country,the flag and the office of the Presidency. Everything we hold dear is slipping away.President Trump is fighting to give it back to us.

  10. Mr. Crane first I feel so sad there are people in America that actually view things the way you have expressed in your writing. First you Thank Dom Raso, Jr. for his service but really don’t mean it. After one half baked comment of respect you continue on with your rant emphasizing his first name like a child disrespecting their elders. Mr. Raso I am sure has seen things that would scare most to death. That being said, you have no choice (Like I didn’t for 8 years) but to tolerate the President of the United States of America. Get over yourself already there is no misogyny with Trump and quite frankly I could not care less how many he grabs he has to answer for it with the law and God. He is a human being and yes he makes mistakes but he has done more to protect these United States in 9 months than past Presidents in my lifetime in all their years in office. You should be ashamed to call Mr. Raso a fool. That sir shows exactly how your were raised and for that I am sorry. Maybe it is not your fault you view things the way you do. Maybe it was how you were taught but you obviously can read and write or type at least so you have no excuse to not educate your own self with the actual history of this great country. Radicals tearing down statues will not erase history ever. As far as President Trump’s words or actions not being Presidential well I say Thank you Jesus he is doing exactly what he was elected to do. This country has had it’s fill of worthless pretty boys in suits going on late night tv shows to be a star. Close to the same words came out of Obama’s mouth about grabbing pu…y and not a word was said. News outlets if that is what you call them are all in the Press Room see them being briefed every time I turn on the tube (television to you) If you don’t know what Mr. Raso fought for well you are worse off than what I thought but with prayer I know you can turn your life around. You believe Mr. Raso found every single protest that had any sort of violence in it, well he didn’t even scrape the top of the crap hole I sure could find 100’s more. You don’t endure any embarrassment from President Trump you have shown you are one of the hypocrites that yell foul he is a hater, a racist but call people above you in status names and disrespect true heros. I mean seriously why should anyone care enough about what he does to the point of being embarrassed. Do you really feel leaders of other countries are so grand. I do have to say I am impressed you have a degree in Psychology to have measured the emotional growth of our President. I would wager you have never had sessions with him so very unprofessional of you.
    As far as Mr. Raso comparing anything to other countries I would again wager he has seen more of the worst than you. It is I who ask you to please open your eyes. You obviously need to study more history since there is definitely a real comparison. Again another name calling of our President. You demand respect but give none. God Bless you Mr. Crane you are exactly where we let this country go wrong. Letting 8 years go by and not demanding and providing more teaching to our young. It would not matter if you had President Trumps tax returns since he made his last dollar it would not satisfy anything. It is just another small pathetic issue to keep harping about that means absolutely nothing. Again you need to study history, billionaire woman (are you now practicing misogyny) in charge of education who doesn’t believe in the public school system. Is there something wrong with being a billionaire. I would also again wager if you bought a lottery ticket and won more money than anyone ever has, you would not be standing out on the street sharing every dollar you have with others walking by. I don’t believe in the public school system I would not put a child in a public school system. I praise God mine were home schooled. As far as the man in charge of HUD well other than his many other accomplishments in life he not only has lived in a house he has lived in the HUD system wow what better way to know what needs to be changed than someone who actually lived through it. Best reference ever I believe. Mr. Crane you can call yourself anything you would like. There is no such thing in this day and time as the Resistance. You may not like anything or anyone but if you live in this great country it is brave heros like Mr. Raso that gives you the right to call yourself anything. To even have a voice or able to state your opinion. Resisting is nothing more than dragging an old mule where they don’t want to go. Yes you may slow things down but hate to tell you when you wake up and the sun comes up nothing has changed except the silly “Resistance” breeds nothing but more hatred that you say you are against. I am sure Mr. Raso has smelled enough in his career as a Navy Seal he doesn’t need you or even care I am sure what your suggestion is for him. Another wager I would say you are member of the Democratic won’t even call them liberals, They are anti-American and for Socialist ways. If you don’t like the system there is a great big world out there maybe you should explore more of it you may find you like another country better. I will make sure I continue to support my brothers in arms for we will have to be the ones that protect the poor Socialist movement when your hug a buddy program goes wrong for you. As far as the years ahead, I just want to remind you the NRA is here to stay for much of the remainder of your lifetime no changing that if Lord does not return first. Prayers for you and your family I absolutely know there is hope. When a radical Muslim can become a Christian and give his life to the Lord I know there is definitely hope for Liberals and Socialist if they would just study and learn

      • Yes it was wonderful and i think it explains all of our feelings perfectly! God bless you Brenda and may He save us all again from hate and idiocy.Amen💖

    • I generally don’t bother with LONG essays. BUT that was so damn on point and well written. You put an educated idiot exactly where he belongs. I totally Mr Crane and his brethren are nothing but namecalling crybabies. Even their goddess said that disputing the election results was a treat to our country. But THAT was when she was a shoe-in. NOW Facebook has deleted this post, must have been another of those pesky Russian posts? You know, the ones Suckerberg could find NO evidence of till he chatted with Meuller.I wish I could distribute Brenda’s reply far and wide. BUT never convince the radical left Sad!

  11. Crane, you couldn’t carry Raso’s canteen. Same kinda guy who shouts you bum to pro baseball players, when you couldn’t carry their gloves. Raso & my other Bros. Do for all of us, even you and their opinions have gravity. Easy for a noncontributor armchair observer to spout off, but this time wrong guy. Button it mister! ⚓💒✡🚂🇺🇸⚓

  12. We will NOT disarm! Its nearing the EXPLOSION point now. We WILL fight back and THAT is what the 2A is about! There are more Armed American PATRIOTS than our ENTIRE MILITARY and thats EXACTLY WHY democrats want us disarmed, so we cant resist the Marxist takeover. I WELCOME Civil War 2: The Restoration of America!.

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