A highly decorated Air Force officer is breaking her silence about the disturbing incident that occurred back in 2011 that marked the deadliest attack on Navy SEALS in U.S. history.

She claims that Obama’s administration covered up what happened to 38 of our warriors in Afghanistan, when a Chinook helicopter crashed and killed 38 fighters.

She says had it not been for Obama changing the rules of engagement of our military to protect Muslim terrorists, that our men would still be alive today.

To give you a full appreciation for the absolute atrocity and borderline treason that went down that fateful day on August 6, 2011 at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama, Retired Air Force Capt. Joni Marquez is telling her story first hand.

She and her crew were working the dark morning hours on their AC-130 gunship when they were summoned to conduct a mission she describes “as almost like a 9-1-1 type of a situation.”

Circa reported:

The gunship was ordered to fly close-in air support above Afghanistan’s dangerous Tangi Valley, in Wardak Province, assisting troops with the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment who were being fired on by eight heavily armed Taliban insurgents.

The Rangers had called in for assault helicopters to engage the enemy hiding among the rocky valley. The air weapons team fired on the Taliban fighters, but not all of the insurgents were killed as originally believed.

In her first interview since the incident, Marquez recounts what she witnessed that night as she was the fire control officer aboard the ship. Her job that night was to ensure the sensors on the weapons were aligned, so that the her crew could hone in on the terrorists’ targets:

“I had the sensor operators immediately shift to the eight insurgents the helicopters had taken out,” Marquez told Circa. “Two were still alive.”

But what should’ve been a routine mission to take out the terrorists never happened because Obama’s generals would not give the gunship permission to fire. She relayed the scene to the ground force commander, but was denied permission to neutralize the threat.

“We had seen two of them (insurgents) moving, crawling away from the area, as to not really make a whole lot of scene. You have two enemy forces that are still alive,” she said. “Permission to engage.”

Marquez went on to say that the ground commander’s refusal to not allow her crew to take out the two terrorists with their weapons would then seal the fate of those involved in Extortion 17.

Now with no way to take out the threat, Marquez and her team were left with little options other than tracking the two enemy insurgents with the surveillance equipment. She watched helplessly as they made their way through an open field, then to a village where they began to rally more terrorists to join the fight. Circa went on:

Meanwhile, a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, with the call sign Extortion 17, was called into the hours-long firefight.

U.S. Central Command’s official investigation concluded that a rocket-launched grenade from a Taliban fighter hit the Chinook and sent the helicopter into a downward spin. The crash killed all 38, including thirty Americans and eight Afghans. Seventeen of the U.S. servicemen were Navy SEALs. Months before, SEALs were made famous for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

“If we would’ve been allowed to engage that night, we would’ve taken out those two men immediately,” Marquez said. She believes with her whole heart that had her team been given permission to take out the terrorists, 38 warriors would still be alive today.

“They continued to essentially gain more and more force behind them because they just kept knocking on doors,” she said. “And the two personnel that initially fled ended up becoming a group of 12 people.”

What’s even more insane is that pleas and warnings from her crew to return the Chinook back to base and cancel the mission before the terrorists began firing just fell on deaf ears by the commanders.

“Whenever we reached out to the Joint Operations Center, they would essentially just push back with, ‘Find a, a good infill location. Find a good helicopter landing zone,’” said Marquez, adding that by the time Extortion 17 was coming in, everything was mired in confusion.

From there, things just got even worse. The Chinook was eventually shot down by the terrorists and crashed to the ground. Marquez watched from her infared monitor as one of the Navy SEALS was then ejected from the burning Chinook helicopter. She watched his heat signature fade from red to blue, knowing that she was watching as his life literally slipped away from his body.

“We had to sit and watch that, and I think that was one of the hardest things that I had to do,” she said. “That man was, you know, dying on the ground.” Marquez says the pain of living with what happened has taken its toll and she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is in therapy.Her account of that fateful day has been corroborated by the Defense Department inspector general in a previously sealed top-secret report. Her own commander also has verified the story has true.

“If we would’ve been allowed to engage that night, we would’ve taken out those two men immediately. I mean, it’s just one of those things where you know that it could’ve all been prevented,” she said, tearing up at times as she recollected that night.

Thirty-eight of our warriors are dead and there is one single person to blame, and that is Barack Hussein Obama, the treasonous POS who sent these warriors straight to their deaths that night. It was because of HIS asinine updates to our military’s rules of engagement back in 2009 that essentially gave precedence to the lives of Muslim terrorists over our own military forces. READ MORE


  1. This is heartbreaking. Praise the Lord Obama is gone. A traitor…he should be in prison. A lier and a cheat.

    • IM not satisfied with him being gone. He should be swinging from a rope! I dont know how many times I said that man sides with Muslims over Americans every time! He hates this country and hates us. The only reason he got elected was because of hsi skin color. Biggest disgrace in American History.

  2. Of course we have been LIED TO. Benazir Bhutto reported in 2001 Bin Laden died from his illness. What we were presented with, the false Flag of Bin Laden’s death was to appease fools and idiots. A look alike was killed as confirmed by photos of the real and the look alike.
    Where was the body after that? Who can confirm Bin Laden was on the carrier? Burial at sea? How is that remotely Islamic? Of course we have been lied to. It was all about the justification for the Bush family to go for oil. To Justify the unfinished work of Bush daddy. You know the same guy who was indicted in 1988 for child molesting. Yeah that guy. I do not give an eff if he was President. I served under both of them.

    • Obama was after the SEALS…he killed a lot of them…some of the SEALS fathers warned their sons not to go. The fathers had been SEALS themselves and knew the rules. Usually only 5 SEALS are permitted to go on a project…Obama placed 17 of them together. Osama bin Laden died of a blood disease back in 2001.

      • And when the Seals go up in a Chinook fighter jets always follow them…there were no fighter jets….This was an intentional kill of 38 people by Obama

  3. Those men were marked for death by the Obama administration. I suspect because they knew way too much about the attack on “Bin Laden.”

  4. Thats horrific how can he get away with that hes so EVIL.

    I have to be honest when he was made President I thought how great is that the first Black President and it was normal to trust that he would do a great job for the country but since the election of President Trump so much Evil has been happening in the Democratic Party its been horrific…
    Then to see this Evil come to our Land of New Zealand made me so angry that he has the audacity to show his face and of course some of our people looked at him and greeted him like he was King Furuke I literally despise the man for how he has disrespected President Trump and now knowing what he did to those men of valour I cannot wait to read of his imprisonment if there ever will be one..
    Thankyou for sharing may God Bless each one of you brave men an women who fight for your country..

  5. 9-11-2001 we were attacked by radical Islam, then we hired a muslim as president, not once but twice. Then we let and still are letting muslims into this country by the score, WHY WHY WHY? There are some very dark forces working to destroy America from within as well as outside this country make no mistake! DO YOU VALUE YOUR FREEDOM AMERICA? HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!

  6. Proof right here what a traitor Obama is! Let’s hope he gets his, the disgusting murderer! Keep that crap away from the rest of Americans! Send him & his family to a nice place I heard of in Guantanamo! They will accept them with open arms!

  7. I said he was responsible for the Seals, right after it happened. But nobody would agree with me. For real, Clinton, Obama and Commy, Lynch all should hang from the neck until dead.

  8. Obama caused many americans to die so he could protect his muslim friends,this disgusting excuse for a human isnt worth the gum on the bottom of my shoe.he and his lying murderer side kick hillary,who allowed 4 americans to be murdered in benghazi should both be tried for treason and if found guilty,they should get the death penalty

  9. But Obummer is NOT GONE. He still walks our streets as does Nancy Pelosi and Schummer who signed the authorization that Obama was qualified to be the President of these United States. WHY ARENT THEY IN JAIL? Any everyday hard working American would be.

  10. What we all must realize is that Death comes to everybody, and those malcontents you’ve just mentioned, are not immune from Death’s stings. In other words, their time will come, and what they’ve done to this country, and mankind in particular, will be made known. None of are free from what we’ve made of our lives.

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