The Worst Of Walmart – 25 Pics That Will Make You Say ‘WTF?’


19 Comments on The Worst Of Walmart – 25 Pics That Will Make You Say ‘WTF?’

  1. I know this sounds a little dated, but what happened to going out in public looking decent. I don’t mean your sunday best, but gee whiz.

    • Oh I definitely would have called the police on the one so called lady with no pants or underwear. No one should have to be subjected to that kind of thing. I’m no holier than thou type but please this is a family store.

    • Surely someone in charge should show those people to the door………Would they yell at being throw out? Sure……But my GOD …….that is for sure indecent..and Unsanitary!

  2. Don’t these people look in the mirror or do they just not care how they look come on people this is sick and discusting.

  3. Walmartians. . . .The Aliens are coming and they’re going to eat the FAT people first because they don’t run very fast. . .

  4. Several of these are photoshopped and some not even that well. The one with the no pants was done and if you look you can see creases and fringe of where shorts are. Still highly sad at the way people go out or do in public. Some people can’t help being over weight but they can dress appropriately smdh

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