This U.S. Imam Says That ‘Muslims Have The RIGHT To Take The Property Of Christians And Jews’

A United States Imam, or Muslim pastor, by the name of Yasir Qadhi believes and preaches that according to Islam Christians and Jews belongings are theirs for the taking.

Yasir Qadhi

Yasir Qadhi is poisoning the minds of his followers but the real problem is that what he says is actually written in the Quran and therefore the belief of all devout Muslims. Liberals believe that Islam is a peaceful religion but how can that be when they preach something that’s far from peaceful? Every other religion in the world accepts the existence of other religions except for Islamists.

Via Red State Pundit:

Qadhi publicly said that Christians and Jews are the “filthy,”“impure,” and basically no different than “feces” and “urine.”

He claimed that “if [Christians and Jews] don’t [convert to Islam,] their life andproperty are halal [free for the taking] for the Muslims.”

In his sermon/lecture in the YouTube audio below, Qadhi begins by calling Christians “shirk” for being “polythesists” who believe in the Triune God (three persons in one God), instead of Islam’s “monotheist” god Allah.

Then Qadhi really steps up his verbal abuse. He says, since “there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah wuzza wuzza,” Christians are “by necessity and by definition … the most evil of all evils.” Like all “unbelievers” and “polytheists,” Christians are “filthy.” They are “najusa” (feces, urine) — “a filthy impure dirty substance.”

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