Zahra Billoo: Fallen U.S. Soldiers Should NOT Be Honored on Memorial Day!

A high official of the Council on American-Islamic Relations felt the need to take time out of her Memorial Day break and bash all the men who have fallen for our nation.

She specifically aimed her attention toward the “Muslim-Americans who serve in the U.S. military.”

Instead of honoring the U.S. military on this important holiday, she did the exact opposite of thanking them for their many sacrifices.

According to usapoliticstoday,

The Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has made the decision that Memorial Day shouldn’t honor those American soldiers who’ve died, instead, it will honor those Muslim terrorists who had been killed by American soldiers.

That right is read by you. As nearly all Americans get together on Memorial Day to honor those that paid the best sacrifice for the country’s freedom and safety, two CAIR officials spent the vacation weekend differently: questioning whether U.S. troops deserve to become honored and tweeting that the national country was “established upon white supremacy.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a combined group labeled by the Justice Division as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and “un-indicted co-conspirator” in a terrorism-financing trial, claims that it’s a moderate organization disingenuously.

Yet, on, may 23, Zahra Billoo, the radical executive-director of CAIR’s SAN FRANCISCO Bay Region chapter, tweeted that she “struggles with Memorial Day every year” about whether to honor American soldiers who passed away in wars:

She quoted another CAIR official also, Dawud Walid, the executive-director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, as questioning if they should honor American soldiers that passed away in “unjust” wars and occupations.

That’s a direct insult to American soldiers serving in Afghanistan and those which have returned from Iraq currently, as CAIR officials describe those wars with that terminology consistently. Billoo quoted Walid as saying:

Billoo did, nevertheless, find one “soldier” she experienced comfortably honoring. ON, MAY 26, she promoted articles from the anti-Semitic and anti-American Country of Islam that asked for help for a “black liberation soldier” called Imam Jamil al-Amin:

Al-Amin was an associate of the Black Panthers terrorist group and was convicted of murdering an officer in 2000. He is anti-American also, stating “if America doesn’t arrive about, we’re gonna burn it straight down,” and “I say violence is essential. It really is as American as cherry pie.

Al-Amin stated the U.S also Constitution is against what Allah has commanded “diametrically.

Plus they are not the just CAIR officials caught defending terrorists. This past year, the Clarion Project reported about how the chairman of the table for CAIR’s Arizona chapter, delivered tweets depicting the U.S. armed service as “occupiers” and “murderers.

So a Muslim business that Barack Obama invites to key White House meetings, and wants you to believe is really as American as apple pie, is usually captured once against denouncing America, and assisting Muslim jihadists.

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  1. They have been busy invading the world useing do gooders and left wing partys and media all together spreading that islam are victums and once in mass like in finland Switzerland they dominated and rule by raping and assaulting women to uncontrollably levels.we in europe are not been invaded by islam we have lost europe to islam

  2. Fuck you!!! You Sharia piece of shit. Arab men have no use for you!! Why should anyone listen to someone
    Who comes in third behind goats and pre pubic boys????? Answers please!!! By the way I did not vote for
    Hillarious Clinton!!!

  3. These Muslims are completely Insane!!! It’s as if they arrived here from a completely weird and insane planet!! Their perspective on life is unrealistic and barbarian!! Anyone who cannot see through their mask must be insane as well!! Our world has enough ‘nuts’ living in it – we certainly do NOT need these “insane infidels” pushing their weird lifestyle down our throats!!p

  4. This is exactly why CAIR should be designated an ‘Enemy Terrorist Organization’ AND why Islam & Muslims CANNOT co-exist with Americans, WILL NEVER ASSIMILATE into American culture & way of life, PLUS Sharia Law represents total control over lives under subjugation while Our American Constitution guarantees Our Individual FREEDOMS!

    • AMEN!! Each and every one of them in the great USA needs to be deported the hell out of here. They are an infestation like a plague.

  5. I have a hard time believing this story.

    1. If it is true, (note I am highly dyslexic) my word check YOUR DAMN GRAMMAR!

    2. Again, if this is true, DON’T WRITE IN PAST TENSE. Memorial day is NEXT weekend, yet they are talking about it as if it has already happened.

  6. This is all because we voted and allowed a Muslim loving wierdo in the White House and went along with all his executive orders…..he’s responsible for getting muslim brotherhood and cair, loretta lynch, john brennan and all these muslim idiots in the government and all the little democrat puppets who don’t know any better to turn a lot of things around. we just sat there like we don’t know what’s going on while he wrecked our govt and he’s still doing it. what past president has stayed on and run a resistance group against the sitting president and we look the other way. we’re the ones allowing this because we’re so afraid we’ll be called out as a racist, a bigot, etc. so sad and we could have stopped it

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