CONSEQUENCES: Swedish School That Won “Peace Prize” For Enrolling Most Migrants Is Now WAR ZONE With Barbed Wire, Check Point

What is taking place in Swedish schools is something we all could have seen coming…

Riots are breaking out left and right in schools as the administration cannot seem to keep up with the increased polarization.

Criminals are being allowed into schools to recruit students and both staff and students have testified that they have witnessed criminals enticing them to commit crimes on several occasions. 

There are criminals who are not afraid to recruit immigrant students, creating opportunities for drug dealings and massive brawls between different ethnic groups. 

What is taking place in Malmö, Sweden where they have allowed a flood of unvetted refugees is absolutely horrifying

The school that won a 2015 the Peace Price for having received the largest number of newly arrived immigrants was given to Värnhem School in Malmö. has now installed barbed wire and hired security to deal with the massive amounts of crime and violence created by unvetted immigrants who refuse to assimilate. 

Here’s some of the reports coming from the school:

Reported by 100percentfedup:

According to students, on November 18 2016, a guy pissed in Värnhem school drinking fountain. He was angry because some guys of other nationalities looked at his girl. He confronted them and full chaos and fights erupted between newly arrived students from the Middle East and Afghanistan, whose relationship with the school long been tense.

More rushing up the stairs to the dining room to take part in the fight. The fight spread outside the school where a student gets attacked by several people and is so badly beaten that he had to be taken away by ambulance to the hospital.

A total of three fights break out at different times of the afternoon. In the end, the school administration in consultation with the police decided that the school should be closed.

About 2,000 students were forced to go home. The decision was made for the school to remain closed on Monday as well. Teachers need to regain control to ensure students’ safety.

Guards are present in the school, but the unrest still continues.

There is barbed wire and security guards.

On 11 January this year, press two security guards on the attack alarm then a sixteen year old and an age of eighteen shoved and threatened them with violence inside the school. When the police make the students resisted. The youngest of them punched one of the policemen.

In a short time grows Värnhem school from eight to 35 classes for students who recently arrived in Sweden.

Only 2 years ago, in St. Paul, Minnesota a massive fight broke out in the cafeteria, causing the entire school to be shut down. It was reported that the fight was a result of brewing tensions between Somali Muslims and black students.

Watch this unbelievable video showing riots breaking out in the Minneapolis South High School cafeteria. Would you like your child attending this school?

The fight, students say, was the result of long-simmering tensions between the 8 percent of students who are Somali Americans and the 20 percent who are African Americans.

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