A Transgender Activists Is Pushing Hard for a Trans James Bond

A Transgender Activists Is Pushing Hard for a Trans James Bond.

British actor Dominic West had an interesting, yet sadly, not surprising thought right before Christmas, he exclaimed in an interview that it was time for a transgender James Bond.

West was actually once suggested to be an actor for the role, but it seems he has a whole different set of actors in mind for it.

During his interview with Sunday Times  West said, “Maybe a transgender Bond would be cool. There’s a very cool woman who’s the wife of an actor in [his latest film] Colette, who is a captain in the electrical engineers, the highest-ranking transgender soldier in the army.”

The person West was referencing to is Hannah Graf, the highest ranking transgender soldier in Britain.

Hannah responded to the comments from West via Twitter:

His hopes for a transgender bond spread to Hollywood hopefuls who are now pushing hard to make that idea a reality.

Transgender comedian Ian Harvie thought this could cause females who are transitioning into males to be “seen as men, legitimate and worthy of casting in this role.”

“As someone who has been told over and over again through social messaging (and sometimes directly to my face) that I am someone who is not allowed to own my masculinity, that I am not a real man, that only cis white men are allowed to own masculinity, it would feel like a major triumph if I or one of my trans actor friends were to be cast in such a hypermasculine role as Bond,” Harvie told Daily Beast.



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