ABC Irate After Trump Basher, Alec Baldwin’s, New Show is a Total Disaster

We all know liberal actor Alec Baldwin as one of the most vocal anti-Trump looneys in Hollywood.

Most of us have at least seen images or clips of his terrible impersonation of the President on far-left late night show “Saturday Night Live.” His impression is pretty terrible, and just about one of the most un-funny things to ever be aired on television.

For some odd reason, leftist network ABC decided that Baldwin was worthy of having his own show, which debuted this past weekend.

ABC got some bad news after the show aired, however.

It was a total FLOP!

Breitbart News reports:

The premiere of The Alec Baldwin Show laid an egg Sunday, barely eking out a tie with Univision’s Cronicas in the all-important 18-49 demographic, according to a report.
Both Baldwin’s new talk show and the Spanish-language show earned a tiny .4 demo rating. The two just topped Telemundo’s Don Francisco Te Invita by just one-tenth of a Nielsen point, The Wrap reported.

Only 2.2 million viewers tuned into the ABC show’s premiere in metered markets, even though a week leading up to the premiere there was free press for the show.

Breitbart also wrote, “The other two of the Big Three networks earned far and away better ratings than Baldwin’s ABC, with Sunday Night Football destroying the competition with 15.6 million viewers.” Not surprisingly, NBC took a 5.0 rating/19 share when they shoed the Patriots game, which helped them win the evening.

Bill O’Reilly tweeted, “Alec Baldwin’s first Sunday program on ABC was a ratings disaster. It was the lowest rated show in the key demographic among network programming that night. Americans have had enough Trump bashing. It’s boring. If the far left continued the frenzied madness, it’ll blow itself up.”

Mark Simone wrote, “The Alec Baldwin Show premiere is a complete bomb, a total disaster – his new prime time talk show debuted last night on ABC TV and set a new record for low ratings.”

Alec Baldwin did a great job of making himself look bad, too:

2 Comments on ABC Irate After Trump Basher, Alec Baldwin’s, New Show is a Total Disaster

  1. I never cared for him much when we wasn’t constantly making stupid political statements, so I care even less for him now. Whatever made any network think he was worth the investment of a show of his own.

  2. Alec the AXe….This knuckle dragging mental reject has a anger management problem, to much time and money and is going to do a single point landing most likely within the next year….He should change his attire to going commando and wearing a skimpy loin cloth and give up what hygiene he now has… would suit his mental state…

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