ABC President Who Fired Roseanne Resigns After Huge Drop In Viewership

ABC President Who Fired Roseanne Resigns After Huge Drop In Viewership.

ABC is paying the price for firing the wildly successful Roseanne Barr. All in the same week, the remaining stars of “The Conners” had to take a pay cut and the ABC executive who cancelled Roseanne, Channing Dungey, is stepping down.

The ABC Entertainment president who ultimately made the decision to yank Roseanne after her controversial tweets about Valerie Jarrett, has resigned.

The Head of Programming at ABC’s sister station, Karey Burke, will be taking Dungey’s position.

“I’m incredibly proud of what the team and I have accomplished over the years, and all the meaningful and impactful programming we’ve developed,” Dungey said in a statement. “This job has been the highlight of my career. While I’ve loved every moment and knew I could call ABC home for many years to come, I’m excited to tackle new challenges.”

Channing Dungey is the one who announced the cancellation of Roseanne after her tweets mocking Jarrett.

“Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,” she said at the time.

ABC had a top rated show, one of the few that showcased the opinions of a more conservative nature and America loved it. Sadly, they threw it away in order to be politically correct. Now, the network and everyone on the show are paying for it.

There is no show without Roseanne, she is the one who made the show, hence, why it’s named after her. “The Conners” will not last very long without their main star.

It’s good to see that their now former president is being held accountable for such a horrible decision.

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  1. ABC I’m not sorry for your loss. You deserve a much more severe penalty. You had a winning show, making you look good and growing your viewership, then, because of your hate of those who disagree with your political views, you commit business suicide. I wonder, when will Liberals and haters ever learn!?

  2. I now watch zero shows from ABC. I will not let my kids watch Disney (their owner) shows either, due to the evil presented as normal. This company is rife with pedophiles, and I’m starting to believe the company is a front for a pedo ring, so many have been found working there and arrested.

  3. Since the media has gone so far left, and bash Trump for even the smallest thing, I watch mostly The History Channel,Travel Chanel, and the Weather Channel. I get so worked up with all the nonsense that these are a perfect answer to everything else.

  4. So interesting that ABC maintains a relationship with Wanda Sykes, who was a producer for the ROSANNE show. Sykes called Trump an Orangutan a few years ago. But Rosanne is gone for saying Jarrett looked like the lead female monkey in Planet of the Apes, which she does, but Sykes, because of her skin color alone gets a pass. Talk about racist.

  5. Surprise, surprise, I didn’t realize that ABC had any “values.”
    Seems to me that the left-wing major media are short of values, ethics or morals.

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