BREAKING: Sealed Ballot Box Was Just Found By Broward Sheriff’s Office

BREAKING: Sealed Ballot Box Was Just Found By Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Broward County in Florida has become a circus! Ballot boxes are being found unattended by citizens who are reporting it to the Broward Sheriff’s office.

This is incredible! And what blows my mind the most, is the mainstream media’s response to all of these findings. When I Google “voter fraud” these are the headlines that come up:

The USA Today article says, “This is all about winning and nothing about fraud,” Vox reports that the claims are “baseless” and good ol’ CNN knocks Trump for “crying” fraud. Seriously?? These are not baseless accusations!

From video of personal vehicles taking ballot boxes to an affidavit of an election worker who witnessed blank ballots being filled out by election workers to this, unattended ballot boxes being found around Broward County. This is anything but baseless.

Something is going on here, ballot boxes don’t just get mysteriously left behind. Reporters in Florida were able to get pictures of the unattended boxes.

Senator Marco Rubio has been on top of reporting each bit of evidence on voter fraud in Florida as it comes up:

Democrat Andrew Gillum had already given his concession speech but now that the “absentee” ballots are significantly helping democrats, he has to decided to wait for the counting to finish before he calls it a loss.

“They are here to change the results of the election”

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    • just nul and void all votes from those counties that has been found of voter fraud
      and lock up all parties accountable, when they get released from prison, put them in a lions pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Snipes is committing obvious and very blatant fraud – because Gillum and her are both “blacK”!! Have her take a Lie Detector test and face Federal prosecutors, from the DOJ!!

    • Thank you…I was thinking the same thing. Not only this, but what about the woman who caught on her phone video showing cars pulling up and individuals getting out and taking ballot boxes to a rental truck. The woman asked the sheriff if that was legal? The sheriff should have at the least got the names of the individuals dropping off these ballot boxes. Once again democrats caught in their own crap. What a sleasy outfit the democrats have shown us who they truly are…and the media isn’t any better.

    • This is from the same county sheriff that provided the parkland security deputy who ignored the shooting. i normally have a lot of respect for law enforcement because my father was one but this group has a lot of credibility issues.

  2. The photo shows a ballot box sealed with a ZIP TIE! What a JOKE! I have packages of zip ties! THAT ZIP TIE IS NOT, I’LL SAY AGAIN,NOT A SEAL!!!!

    • So very true, I think they should have to do a revote and it needs to be watched VERY closely and anyone screwing around with the vote will be arrested and sent to Prison.

  3. What is going on in America? Land of Laws? More like a Goat Rodeo. Where is both local and federal law enforcement? Where is the Florida AG? I feel like I’m in Russia, or Venezuela…countries we complain about having voter fraud…yet we appear to be putting up with it in our own country. Evidence being destroyed…no one taking charge…allowing the perpetrators to remain in place so they can continue to obstruct and violate the law.

  4. So, the Broward county sheriff’s department just so happens to find this box of ballots? I don’t know about you but, I wouldn’t trust anything that just so happens to be found by Sheriff Israel’s department. Nothing against the good/honest members of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department but, after all this isn’t Sheriff Israel’s first time involved in a corruption sandal. ‘Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Was Accused of Corruption, He Responded: ‘Lions Don’t Care About the Opinions of Sheep’. Are the lion’s the Dim’s and the sheep “We the People???

  5. And what about the boxes and boxes dropped off by unmarked, unescorted private vehicles at the Broward Co. election headquarters in the early morning hours (i.e. 2am) in the days immediately following the election? No chain of custody there. It stinketh!

  6. Of course they just found it. Snipes team just finished filling it with phony ballots and pl;aced it there just minutes before it was ‘found.’ Just like more than two dozen other boxes since they found out Democrats lost in legal ballots..

  7. And the ole CNN remarks are the criers, not Trump, because CNN can’t stand to be wrong, they wonder why they’re hated?? There attacks onTrump are why people hate them, they start this crap all the time, daily, stupid fake phony disgusting disrespectful news people!!!

  8. The entire election process along with politics as we see it today makes TERM LIMITS absolutely necessary! Yes and along with $ controls allowed to be spent on every elected federal office. 8 yrs. for every house member and same for senators it works for the presidency should be jusst as good and provide more honesty. The $ spent on any federal elective office should be limited to something like 1 yrs salary for the office. Allow NO outside donations or advertising $, NO union, PAC,individual donations this will put the elections about what the candidates say about what they would like to do AFTER GETTING INPUT FROM THEIR VOTERS ON WHAT IS NEEDED ! In any case our political parties look more like syndicated crime organizations than representatives of the people. We are more lile a banana republic than a world leading organization!


    ON VIDEO and let WE, THE PEOPLE determine who needs to be TARRED, with actual HOT TAR, and Feathered with bushels of real chicken feathers, then drug to the nearest tree with a sturdy branch and LYNCHED!!!

    Leave ’em hanging until the neck rots through…

    THAT INCLUDES THE ‘sheriff’…

  10. If you’re going to lie, tell the Big Lie. If you’re going to cheat, cheat big! That’s what the Left believes, and it’s what they do.

  11. Once again Democrats prove they are unfit for any kind of public service, they are only interested in regaining the power they lost to Trump.

  12. Democrats get away with Voter Fraud because Republicans have always been legally passive, even in today’s political atmosphere. And many Rinos are in collusion with Democrats.

  13. Fingerprint the “found” boxes and the ballots within. Pay visits to the voters and see if the prints on the ballots match. It will not take long to see that there are no voter prints on any of the ballots. Then proceed to arrest Snipes and all her co conspirators for election fraud. Prison for life for the whole lot and add Gillum to it for his participation.

  14. When is the Governor going to get a set, and remove Bolshevik Israel from office.A grand Jury Indictment for Sheriff Israel would be nice along with an orange jumpsuit, and he should be placed in gen. pop. Israel is half the blame for Parkland. Democrats never accept accountability for their crimes.

  15. Im amazed that this happens over and over and over and all we hear from even the right leaning media is that dems are breaking the law and rubbing it in our faces. So whos stopping them? Seems like a straight forward question, right? Whos doing anything about them illegally counting surprise boxes of ballots and throwing them into the till. Citizens spot it and report it….Where on earth is the right?????

  16. Well , Obviously my questions are not being posted and added….so Ill just stick you people in my spam bin. Block me…I block YOU.

  17. ‪Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Romney, Sessions, etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump! ‬

  18. If we have any hope of saving our great Christian Nation, THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!! People need to be arrested and get jail time. It is so blatant!!

  19. its funny how only the dam o rats find all these ballots that help them, they just show up out of thin air. I never saw a bunch of corrupt lying aholes like this. this has to stop. all illegals that voted there votes cant count, if they find ballots with no chain of evidence(they should all have names as to were they came from, names of people who brought them, time) then they can not be counting, plus the state laws state that 45 min after polls close there has to be a count reported, and then every 45 min after, and why is it that its these 2 county try to cheat ever time, this bs has to stop if they cant do this on time ( like the rest of the state)than they should not count. yhe dems broke so many laws they should be all in jail

  20. We need to let count and recount and recount until the demon o craps win. Otherwise they will riot protest file law suits and throw all other kinds of tantrums until they win. We have to let them win otherwise we are racists and bigots. Ask cnn and msnbc and the other lame stream media outlets

  21. As usually, the Republicans can a grade of “F” in so-called “street smarts.” They by, mostly idly or obliviously or ineptly, while election after election is stolen. The more the early voting and mail-in ballots, the greater the opportunity for Democrat corruption, which, recently, Dick Morris says Democrats have elevated to an art form.

    • Could this have been a “practice run” for they 2020 elections so they can see what they can get away with and what they can’t ?

  22. So what makes anyone think that the sealed ballot box was “left” there from election night and not dropped of yesterday ? The seal is a ziptie… unless it’s a # seal (as when sealing shipping containers) there is no proof it’s a left over and not brand new.

    ANYONE could have done it anytime between Nov 7 and now. They must NOT be included since there is no way to tell if they’re real, bogus, or both.

    Wake up Voters… This is pure 1000% fraud. I would rather have my vote missed than take a chance on this mystery box.

  23. This is just stupid, anyone who knows anything about elections knows that all political parties are involved, so why is the Republicans on the committees and panels not expressing the same thing I see here a baseless accusations. When the observers who are also all political parties involved, so why are they not crying foul, only others who are not involved making all kinds of claims but where is the proof just accusations.

  24. To think that the Dems would go these low to win ——unbelievable dirty rotten scumbags. WE NEED TO CHECK OUT ALL THE OTHER STATES FOR VOTER FRAUD.


  25. There was so much widespread voter fraud going on with extra dems on hand to create more than enough false ballots that they had to abandon all the extras that were just laying around. Blatant criminal activity. When are the arrests going to start?

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