DHS Sec Nielsen Slams Dems for Not Listening to Truth on the Border Crisis During WH Meeting

DHS Sec Nielsen Slams Dems for Not Listening to Truth on the Border Crisis During WH Meeting.

Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen put Democrats on blast for not listening to her about the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Now that Democrats have started as the majority in the House, they are trying to propose a shutdown-halting bill that would fund most of the government through September.

Nielsen went to Twitter to express how “disappointed” she was in democrats for not taking DHS seriously about the “security and humanitarian” crisis they are facing everyday at the border.

She added that top Democrats “didn’t want to hear about criminal aliens, drug smugglers, smuggled & abused children or violent caravans trying to breach the border wall.”

Nielsen clearly stated that the security issue “is not going away-it is getting worse,” and “kicking the can down the road is not the answer.”


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) also shared his disappointment in Democrats not keeping, what should be, their first priority to keep Americans safe.


3 Comments on DHS Sec Nielsen Slams Dems for Not Listening to Truth on the Border Crisis During WH Meeting

  1. It’s all about the VOTER POOL. Illegals or otherwise. They are desperate for votes. Disgusting bunch of Communists….that is what the Democratic party represents. Let’s not forget their electing Muslims as well and their hatred for our President. This is what the party has become, a party of HATRED. NEVER FORGET 9/11/01.

  2. This is NOT immigration, rather it is an INVASION into our once great country!

    Time to SHUT DOWN our southern border and STOP ALL FEDERAL-AID going to foreign countries. Start charging a 25% REMITTANCE FEE ON ALL MONEY BEING SENT TO MEXICO, and other Central American countries.

    BOYCOTT MEXICO, and other Central American countries!!!

    END DACA, End Chain Migration, End Anchor babies, Make E-VERIFY MANDATORY, REDUCE the number of legal immigrants entering the USA, CLOSE LOOPHOLES in our immigration laws, End TPS, Build the Wall, and ENFORCE our current immigration laws.


    We have and are being INVADED by some 30 million plus ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, and now we MUST STOP this continued invasion in its tracks.

    The invasion started before 1986 and has continued to this day, only many times the total each year going even higher of ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS entering the US ILLEGALLY.

    Time to put our military on our southern border and finally put a STOP to this insane madness. If that means separating children from their parents in order to prosecute the ILLEGAL INVADERS, then so be it!

  3. Dumocrats don’t care if the numbers of the invaders invade theis country and the excess numbers of them will eventually bust the system. Seems the system is set up to handle so many. There are only so many jobs for what we have and wages are effected by them. They are willing to work for hardly anything. pretty soon they woud be hires by employers who are willing to pay nothing to them and it would bleed down to legal citizens of this country. sucks.

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