Enough is Enough, President Trump Plays The Ace Of Spades: ‘I’ll Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall if I Have to.’

Opinion| Say what you will about Donald Trump, there’s no denying he’s a one tough negotiator.  

President Trump brought his hammer to the Rose Garden where he fielded questions from the press.  

After a barrage of questions where the president said he was prepared to keep the government closed indefinitely – for a year or more if necessary – to secure funding for a border wall, he was assailed for not caring enough about the furloughed workers.

Trump could have turned this question around on reporters and asked them whether they posed the same question of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.  After all, they’re the big government liberals.

Trump chose to take the high road, instead assuring the gathered press that Democrats would want to make a deal because he had a lot to offer them (DACA) and even gave them credit for caring about national security.

When they kept pressing the president, he finally said:

“We can call a national emergency because of the security of our country. Absolutely.  No, we can do it. I haven’t done it. I may do it. I may do it. But we can call a national emergency and build it very quickly, and it’s another way of doing it.

But, if we can do it through a negotiated process, we’re giving that a shot.”

Trump is a master of creating leverage where none exists and then using it to “convince” his negotiating partners to do what’s in their best interests.

Trump is offering Schumer and Pelosi an olive branch of sorts.  Give him the money for the wall and he’ll make it worth their while.  

Otherwise, he can declare a national emergency at the border and they get nothing.  It would also force everyone in both Houses of Congress – Democrat and Republican – to disclose where they stand on this important national security issue by accepting Trump’s declaration or voting to shut him down.

Trump is prepared to let the electoral chips fall where they may.  Can his opponents say the same thing, and mean it?

2 Comments on Enough is Enough, President Trump Plays The Ace Of Spades: ‘I’ll Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall if I Have to.’

  1. Hey, President Trump, I’ve got an Idea, why not do The United States Citizens a favor, and declare Martial Law, bring in the Military to keep the peace, while rounding up every Democrat Socialists of America card holder, the Obama Administration, Soros, and sons, Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Bloomberg, Brennan, HRC, The MSM, The Ohrs, Ayers, Dorn, and Holder, then throw their Treasonous asses in Gitmo?
    After all, there should be plenty of room, since Obama released all of his cousins!

  2. We are clearly in a national emergency that the Dems have created and obviously want to continue. President Trump has no other alternative than to declare a national emergency because of the Dems unwillingness to defend the US and the American people. That national emergency will allow President Trump to legally get the funding to secure our borders, build the wall and stop the invasion of our Nation. The Dems continue to prove how much they choose to play politics regardless of the detriment it is to the US and the American people. They are literally putting us in jeopardy with no conscience at all. It’s more than time for we the people to demand and get term limits and kick these corrupt anti-American career treasonous political hacks out of office and get true representation for our country and we the people now.

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